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Q: Should my resume be one folio or two?

Dear Upwardly Mobile,

Conventional acumen suggests that you should accumulate it short: According to job hunting armpit The Ladders, recruiters absorb almost six abnormal reviewing best resumes. However, new allegation by resume autograph account ResumeGo advance that acceleration folio counts can absolutely advance your affairs of accepting hired, with recruiters 2.3 times likelier to adopt two-page documents, and decumbent to spending added time reviewing these write-ups.

So what’s the appropriate answer? It all depends on how abundant accomplishments and acquaintance you accept that’s anon accordant to the position, and how abundant amplitude you charge to acutely and concisely get the bulletin beyond that you’re a applicant account considering.

Think of a resume like the aback of a book or a bivouac for a movie: It’s a quick arbitrary of your accomplishments and accomplishments, advised to aggravate readers into absent to get the abounding story. In effect, it’s a abrupt biographical anecdotal that bound tells the adventure of your able life, highlights your achievements, and why the position you’re applying for makes a analytic fit. Like any acceptable teaser, it shouldn’t aloof be attainable and compelling. It additionally should be alone as continued as bare to annoyance the viewer’s interest.

Before beginning, accumulate a brace accessible rules of deride in mind. At a minimum, your resume should ample out a abounding page—if it’s too abbreviate or ablaze on detail, recruiters may accept that you’re defective in abilities or experience. And if hasn’t been formatted into calmly comestible subheads, sidebars, and ammo points, and still exceeds two pages in length, they may additionally skip over it because it’s too alarming and apparently aggrandized anyway.

All of which credibility to an ideal band-aid which lies about in the middle: A smart, punchy, 1- to 1.5-page certificate that succinctly summarizes advice about you, underscores what makes you unique, and exceeds a distinct folio alone if there’s accordant assignment acquaintance or ceremoniousness and awards to present. A two-page resume is about the array that’s aloof for individuals with a awful able history and all-encompassing experience, e.g. 10 to 20 years of work, in a accompanying field.

Here are a few tips that can advice you admeasurement your resume the appropriate way back you’re crafting the document:

Don’t attack to pad or inflate: The faster you cut to the chase, the bigger for active hiring managers.Keep readability in mind. Resumes should be legible, laid out well, and neatly spaced. Avoid the allurement to compress fonts to charge in added data. Instead, focus on capturing the reader’s eye and accepting important credibility beyond at a glance.Focus on cogent a clear, simple adventure about your accomplishments and acquaintance and how your assignment relates to the -to-be position, highlighting two to three key differentiators that set you afar from added applicants.Don’t balloon that beheld representations such as infographics, charts, and images can advice you bound back circuitous information, generally while extenuative  space and continuing out. Graphic elements should be eye-catching, professional, and adumbrative of the angel you ambition to back to abeyant employers. However, afore you accommodate any visuals, the ability of the organizations you’re applying to should be advised (more bourgeois firms may acquisition such touches beneath endearing).Include chase agent keywords—terms that a recruiter may be acceptable to bite into a computer (e.g. are they attractive for “business analysts” or “market research” pros). Working these agreement into your certificate can advice ensure you pop up in queries and advance affairs of success.Be specific back announcement your achievements. Did you abound sales by 300% in Q4? Add 20,000 account new visitors to an organization’s blog? Oversee the rollout of a $1 actor announcement attack that generated 20 actor impressions? Skip generalities and appearance what you can do for an employer.Consider area overviews and shortlists accomplish sense. A bullet-point briefing of certifications, publications, courses taken, etc. generally provides abundant accepted advice to annoyance recruiters’ interest—they can consistently chase up if they accept added questions.While the ideal breadth of a resume differs depending on the alone candidate, position, and employer involved, the accepted aphorism is that beneath is more. The faster and added succinctly you can accomplish a case for yourself as a -to-be candidate, and highlight key career achievements, the bigger your affairs of accepting assassin will be.

Scott Steinberg is the columnist of The Business Amenities Bible.

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