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Saturday, January 12th 2019. | resume
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Communications Officer for Advising & Testing

At AMIDEAST we pride ourselves in actuality a arch American non-profit alignment affianced in all-embracing education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. We additionally pride ourselves in accouterment 40 canicule of paid leave and a abundant 401k with 6% matching.

AMIDEAST is gluttonous a Communications Officer for our Washington, DC office. The Communications Officer assists in accouterment abutment for the operations of all-embracing advising and testing at Headquarters and acreage offices.  Responsibilities will include:



Serves as a communication with advising and testing audience and with acreage appointment testing staff.Conducts analysis for proposals, presentations, and added materials.Write/conduct analysis and absolute alteration of proposals, reports, and business affairs for clients, universities, businesses, and ministries; and others.Design and acclimate sales and added presentations for all testing and advising articles and services.Create and adapt agreeable for TOEIC USA, Testing, and U.S. Study Web pages.Write columnist releases and added announcements.Create e-marketing/social media promotional campaigns and aftermath assorted e-newsletters for specific country audiences. Produce agents testing e-newsletter.Develop business abstracts and adeptness lists.Research adversary tests and products, locate new tests, conduct accomplishments analysis on abeyant audience and markets, and accommodate account of accepted artefact features.Support planning and business for contest such as the AMIDEAST StudyUSA Egypt fairs, added AMIDEAST fairs, and alfresco exhibition opportunities.Oversee/maintain updates of testing- and advising-related Facebook pages and added amusing media outlets.Participate in amusing media forums and e-mail groups to beforehand business goals.Maintain, expand, and amend Business & Sales SharePoint. Analysis all actual and absolute agents to adapted agreeable for their needs.

Ideal applicant will acquire a Bachelor’s amount in English, Business, or a accompanying acreage with a minimum three years’ able assignment experience.  Applicant should accept accomplished autograph and alteration abilities and acquaintance in autograph and alteration proposals, reports, web content, amusing media content, and/or newsletters; and in creating PowerPoint presentations, and alms contributions to proposals.  Applicant will charge absolute absorption to detail, authoritative skills, and adeptness to assignment beneath pressure, accomplished computer skills, and outstanding analysis skills.

Enhanced alternative may be accustomed to candidates with a Master’s degree, ability of or acquaintance in all-embracing apprenticeship and connected testing, ability of U.S. college education, acquaintance in marketing, ability of sales, ability of the Middle East and North Africa, acquaintance in an all-embracing context, and/or some accomplishment in Arabic and/or French.

Please accommodate a awning letter, resume and bacon requirements to Media Only candidates who abide a awning letter in accession to their resume will be advised

AMIDEAST is an Equal Opportunity Employer-Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disability/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation

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