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Your one-page resume may be killing your job chase

By Irina Ivanova

Updated on: December 6, 2018 / 12:32 PM / MoneyWatch

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Job-seekers are acclimated to audition the aforementioned advice, on repeat: Always accelerate a thank-you. Don’t lie on your resume. Oh, and that resume — accomplish abiding it’s no best than one page.

Except … that aftermost one ability not be so accurate anymore. As added and added hiring is done online, the one-page aphorism seems to be activity out the window, according to hiring managers and several surveys.

“Anyone can birr off a single-page resume,” said recruiter Donna Svei. “A one-page resume didn’t accept the advice that I wanted, and it fabricated me feel like the being who beatific it didn’t appetite to accomplish abundant of an accomplishment to administer for the job.”

Longer resumes are a accustomed for executive-level searches, which are Svei’s specialty: It’s adamantine to fit decades of acquaintance into a distinct page. But they’re added accepted for middle- and entry-level jobs, too.

A analysis from staffing close Accountemps aftermost year asked managers what the ideal resume was for a staff-level hire. Nearly the aforementioned allocation of respondents said two pages was ideal as chose one page: 47 percent and 46 percent, respectively. Twenty years ago, respondents adopted one-pagers by a three-to-one margin.

ResumeGo, a resume autograph company, afresh ran an online simulation of a hiring action amid 482 hiring professionals. It begin that hiring managers chose two-page resumes at alert the amount of one-page resumes — for entry-level as able-bodied as accomplished hires.

A sample one-page resume from ResumeGo’s agreement ResumeGo A sample two-page resume from ResumeGo’s survey. The 482 participants in the analysis chose two-page resumes at added than alert the amount of one-page resumes. ResumeGo

Tech recruiter Brianna Rooney about never receives a single-page resume these days, she told CBS MoneyWatch, and aback she does, she goes aback to the applicant to ask for more.

“I’ve had companies canyon on bodies because there’s no detail. To them, they’re thinking, there’s no detail, accordingly there’s no passion,” Rooney said.

More detail is adapted because the hiring action now involves abounding entities — a computerized appliance system, agents and alien recruiters, and one or added screeners in HR, in accession to the absolute hiring manager, Rooney explained.

Applicants could already omit basal job descriptions back that would be accustomed to an industry-savvy resume reviewer, but they now charge to address for a added accepted audience, which usually requires added words and added space.

“People charge to apprehend that they’re no best autograph their resumes for their hiring manager. There needs to be a antithesis amid high-level and low-level writing, and I aloof don’t anticipate you can do that in beneath than two pages,” said Rooney.

For workers in a specialized acreage like bloom affliction or technology, apprenticeship and abstruse ability abandoned can booty an absolute page. In IT, resumes can amplitude alike best than two pages.

The use of applicant-tracking software, which evaluates resumes and array them according to how frequently assertive keywords appear, has added addition allurement for length.

“These technologies are absolutely baronial you, so if you don’t accept the adapted advice in your resume, it’s baronial you lower,” said Brandon Seigel, a recruiter who runs the consulting aggregation Wellness Works Management Partner and consistently gives presentations to medical schools on resumes.

Seigel estimates that 70 percent of the hires he recommends accept two-page resumes, and he has a simple explanation: Most bodies aren’t acceptable abundant writers to handle a one-pager well. Added generally than not, a distinct folio shortchanges the candidate.

A sample two-page resume Brandon Seigel uses in presentations Brandon Seigel

Seigel does accept some examples of able single-page resumes. But aback he shares them with candidates, he said he generally gets pushback. “Seventy-five percent of the time bodies say, ‘It’s a menu.’ It doesn’t feel like a resume,” he said. “Some bodies like it, because they see the adroitness of it. But it’s polarizing.”

A one-page resume that gets able reactions from job candidates Brandon Seigel

But while the resume of two pages (or more) may be rising, the one-pager isn’t yet dead. Bodies with beneath than bristles years’ assignment history never charge a additional page, recruiters accede (though some extend the absolute to 10 years’ assignment history). And no amount how continued the resume, be accurate with accidental information. Introductory “objective statements” and all-encompassing advance acquaintance usually do added abuse than good, as can boundless claimed information.

“Be economical with your words, and abide the appetite to overshare,” brash Yasmin Sahami, chief aptitude accretion administrator at the hiring exchange ZipRecruiter. “Your recruiter doesn’t charge to apperceive how abounding kids you have.”

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