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Eight tricks for showcasing accomplishments on your resume

by Dan Butcher 15 March 2018

Improve your chat best to advice your accomplishments angle out added in a assemblage of resumes.

Financial casework recruiters and hiring managers are acceptable pickier than ever. Back they brush your resume initially, they generally do a six-second scan; they about attending at the job titles you’ve held, the companies you’ve formed for, how continued you’ve been at anniversary job, and whether or not you’re local. That agency the aboriginal chat afterwards anniversary bulletpoint that encapsulates your able accomplishments has to jump off the page.

Here are tips to best highlight what you’ve able back you’re autograph and alteration your resume.

1. Go aloft a description of tasks

Roseanne Donohue, an controlling recruiter, a career drillmaster who formed at J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, recommends anecdotic your acquaintance with an eye against its scope, tasks, activity and results.

“Typically bodies aloof account tasks or duties, but recruiters and managers appetite to see assessable achievements, so use metrics, dollars and percentages,” Donohue says. “If you were in a revenue-generating role, how abundant acquirement you brought in; if you were answerable with acid costs, including the dollar bulk or allotment you adored the close is powerful. Bullets charge to be your best absorbing achievements, and whenever possible, quantify the results.”

2. The absolute arrangement of ‘how’ and ‘what’

Donna Svei, resume writer and retained chase consultant, advised the resumes of her audience who got assassin best bound and begin a 70/30 administration amid “what” and “how” verbs. While you should accommodate added of the former, the closing are key commutual elements.

What verbs are about about change or after-effects – for example, “Accelerated accommodation portfolio advance by 24%,” “Initiated,” “Launched” and “Produced.”

How verbs usually chronicle to either authoritative or bodies abilities – for example, “Collaborated with business and accounting on an activity that generated $5M in new revenue,” “Cultivated” and “Negotiated.”

“It’s an important distinction, and while what verbs are alike added important, bodies charge both types of verbs,” Svei says.

3. Ambience affairs

People generally bandy in numbers and feel that takes affliction of quantification, but you accept to accommodate ambience and accommodate after-effects so bodies accept what you’re talking about, according to Alyssa Gelbard, the architect and admiral of Point Road Group.

“Any acquaintance you accept adopting basic is so important, so specify what kinds of audience or investors, the amounts you are talking about, the sources – with whom did you assignment to accession the capital?” she said. “If you’re growing AUM, applicant accord breeze or cardinal of clients, say by how much.”

Saying that you grew acquirement by 250% is great, but anytime there is a allotment increase, the questions are “From what abject number?” and “Over what aeon of time?”

“If you were complex in costs projects, how big were they? With whom were you working?” Gelbard said. “If you helped to advance a business archetypal for abbreviation accident or accretion efficiencies, what were the results?”

4. Brag if you exhausted a borderline

The specific time anatomy of your accomplishments is not article you accept to include, but if you’ve done article amazing afore a deadline, again you should accommodate it, Gelbard said.

“If you’ve accomplished abundant after-effects in a absolutely abbreviate bulk of time, again highlight the time anatomy in the bulletpoint,” she said.

5. If you’re abbreviate on accomplishments, accomplish the best of whatever acquaintance you accept

For students, contempo graduates and early-career-stage professionals, it can be difficult to appear up with abounding accomplishments that will absolutely wow cyberbanking casework hiring managers. That said, for internships and entry-level jobs, the bar isn’t set as aerial and your assignment acquaintance won’t charge to be absolutely as impressive. That’s area your academy years will be key.

“Investment banks and Big Four accounting firms accept training programs, and the types of abilities they attending for in acceptance and contempo graduates are leadership, analytic skills, activity management, acquaintance with aggregation projects and activity improvement,” Donohue said. “Highlight any types of administration roles, chic projects, activities, account societies and accordant courses you’ve taken.”

6. Demonstrate that you’re a survivor

Because the business ambiance has afflicted so much, anytime that you can appearance that you accept asperous the storm through restructures, cost-cutting, mergers and acquisitions, you’re acceptable to appear off well. Sometimes alone actual a belled annular of cuts is an absorbing accomplishment.

“If you’ve survived all that, or alike managed integrations and transitions, anticipate about how best to call the processes, whether you were reengineering processes as allotment of a about-face or took on added albatross afterwards one,” Gelbard said. “Were you absolutely arch a reorganization? Think through what abroad happens back there’s a restructuring that you could position as an accomplishment, not aloof cardinal planning, but cyberbanking and operational beheading as well.”

7. Accommodate a bulletpoint for every advance you’ve becoming

If you got a promotion, that is not the abode to trim to save space.

“List whenever you’ve been promoted, because hiring managers looked for bedrock stars, for example, ‘Promoted aural bristles months, accustomed added responsibilities aloft and aloft the approved job description,’” Svei said.

8. Avoid acquiescent articulation

Use an alive verb whenever possible. Don’t address it like it’s a job description, Gelbard said.

One of the best important appropriate factors is featuring activity words that are strong, for example, “Generated,” “Catapulted,” “Boosted” and “Penetrated,” the closing in advertence to breaking into a new market.

“Don’t say ‘Responsible for…;’ instead, address ‘Spearheaded,’ ‘Directed’ or ‘Lead,’” she said.


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