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A federal racketeering civilian accusation is affective advanced adjoin two law firms that accept filed hundreds of Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits that supporters say accept benefited the disabled — but critics argue accept put a banking ache on abounding baby business owners in Fresno and elsewhere.

Federal Adjudicator Lawrence J. O’Neill gave the ambitious this ages in U.S. District Court, cardinal that a accusation filed by Bay Area advocate Moji Saniefar adjoin the Mission Law Close and its antecedent Moore Law Close satisfies the requirements of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

In essence, Saniefar alleges in her accusation that the two San Jose-based law firms accept been accommodating in racketeering activity.

Saniefar, who grew up in Clovis, filed the RICO accusation on annual of her parents, who were emotionally ashamed aback the Mission Law Close sued them in federal cloister in July 2014. The clothing claimed the family’s longtime Fresno restaurant, Zlfred’s, was aloof to disabled bodies and abandoned the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Zlfred’s concluded up closing and Seniefar’s ancestor died afore a federal adjudicator in March 2017 absolved the ADA lawsuit, cloister annal say.

Filed in June 2017, Saniefar’s RICO accusation says the “defendants accept abandoned the purpose of the ADA … for their own acquisitiveness and banking gain” by filing lawsuits based on apocryphal allegations of affliction and abrasion in adjustment “to aggregate quick settlements from California businesses and citizens.”

San Francisco advocate John D. O’Connor, who is arresting Mission and Moore law firms, said he disagreed with O’Neill’s ruling, advancement the two firms are not a bent enterprise. He said Saniefar is on a “smear campaign” that seeks to “terrorize my clients” and has history of application the acknowledged activity to abuse those who argue her affluent family.

“This meritless RICO activity is about endlessly all bodies with disabilities and their attorneys from bringing ADA lawsuits,” O’Connor said. “That should alarm every attorney, every aborigine of this country because that is an advance on the Aboriginal Amendment appropriate of petition.”


Fatemeh and Gholamreza “Reza” Saniefar endemic Zlfred’s restaurant in axial Fresno for about 40 years. The restaurant bankrupt in March 2015 afterwards it was sued for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Special to The Bee


The Americans with Disabilities Act, adopted in 1990, was allowable to ensure according admission for the disabled in accessible areas. The act relies on civilian enforcement.

Critics argue some attorneys accept abused the act to agitate bottomward baby business owners who are added absorbed to pay off plaintiffs because they abridgement the agency to appoint in big-ticket litigation.

Saniefar, who has a law convenance in Burlingame in San Mateo County, said the Moore and Mission law firms ambition “mom and pop” and immigrant business owners because they don’t accept the money to action back.

The RICO Act was allowable in 1970 to action organized abomination syndicates. Since again it’s been broadcast to civilian courtrooms area defendants faces abundant banking penalties if the allegations are begin true.




Saniefar said her RICO accusation is acceptable the aboriginal of its affectionate in the accompaniment adjoin two firms that book “quick and bedraggled boilerplate” ADA lawsuits with allegedly apocryphal allegations.

The two law firms filed a motion to abolish the RICO lawsuit, but O’Neill on March 13 denied the motion.

History of claims

Since 2009, the Moore Law Close has filed added than 1,400 ADA lawsuits in the Valley and elsewhere. In backward 2015 to aboriginal 2016, the Moore Law Close started to accretion “regional and civic notoriety” aback it was sued by its ADA plaintiffs for artifice and aperture of contract, O’Neill’s cardinal says. The firm’s assets were transferred to Mission Law Firm. Tanya Moore is the secretary of the Mission Law Firm. Fresno bent aegis advocate Leroy Falk is president.

Saniefar’s accusation identifies several defendants, including Ronald Moore, 59, of Clovis, who has been a plaintiff added than 250 ADA lawsuits filed by the Moore Law Close . His sister-in-law is advocate Tanya Moore, who operated the Moore Law Close in San Jose with her then-husband, Kenneth Randolph Moore, who is Ronald’s brother. Kenneth Randolph Moore abdicate practicing in California in March 2015, according to the Accompaniment Bar.

O’Neill’s cardinal says the two firms use ancestors to advice locate declared ADA violations.

Saniefar’s RICO accusation contends Ronald Moore is not disabled and that he never went to Zlfred’s. In his ruling, O’ Neill acclaimed Saniefar has “video surveillance of Moore that shows him walking, blame and bent and angle after any abutment and after a wheelchair.”

Defense advocate O’Connor said the U.S. Cloister of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in addition ADA accusation has already disqualified Ronald Moore is disabled. He said Saniefar played a key role in that appellate cardinal by accouterment video affirmation about Moore. “Her clandestine board followed Ronald Moore about for months and testified that every distinct time he was out in accessible they saw him in a wheelchair,” O’Connor said. “Mr. Moore did not apperceive he was actuality followed, (so) it is antic to anticipate he would lug about his wheelchair unless he bare it.”

But Adjudicator O’Neill said there is no affirmation Saniefar had the befalling to present arguments on the affair of Ronald Moore’s disability. Admitting the defendants advance Saniefar provided accordant evidence, O’Neill said “This is bare to authenticate that Saniefar took ascendancy over the affair in that action … (and) has had her day in cloister on the affair of Ronald Moore’s disability, and she is not precluded from arguing it in this (RICO) case.”

Since filing the clothing in June 2017, Saniefar has been angry the two firms by herself. Recently, San Francisco advocate Gregory Hurley abutting the acknowledged action on Saniefar’s side. Hurley works for Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, one of the better firms in the nation.

O’Connor said Hurley “has a continued clue almanac of apery big business in angry the ADA.”

What is alleged?

The RICO accusation alleges Tanya Moore, her ex-husband Kenneth Randolph Moore, and the firm’s paralegal, Marejka Sacks, are the ringleaders. The accusation alleges Tanya Moore advisedly filed abundant cloister abstracts with apocryphal pleadings and declarations on annual of Ronald Moore and added disabled plaintiffs. Sacks is accused of accomplishing the aggregate of the acknowledged work, alike admitting she is not an attorney.

The declared counterfeit arrangement began about 2009 aback Tanya Moore and Kenneth Moore, who goes by Randy, captivated affairs in Fresno to recruit disabled plaintiffs. Attendees were told they would be accustomed a finder’s fee every time they became a plaintiff in an ADA complaint.

Randy and Tanya Moore additionally told the ambitious plaintiffs that “they charge not anguish about absolutely experiencing any difficulty, ache or embarrassment” central the establishments to be sued, the RICO accusation alleges. Instead, Randy and Tanya Moore allegedly told the ambitious plaintiffs they would accelerate law close employees, including ancestors members, into the establishments to acquisition ADA violations.

The focus, however, is on Ronald Moore, who is accused of authoritative apocryphal affliction claims adjoin Zlfred’s. According to cloister records, Ronald Moore testified he visited Zlfred’s on April 14, 2014; while application a wheelchair, he got ashore in the bath and hollered for help.

Saniefar claims Ronald Moore’s annual is “pure fantasy” because he never visited the restaurant that day, according to her father’s annual afore his afterlife in December 2016.

Ronald Moore’s complaint additionally says he anchored in a affliction atom that was allotment of the admission to the business, which fabricated it difficult for him to use the ramp. It additionally claims the aperture to the enactment was too abundant for a being in a wheelchair to accessible and that the restaurant’s bathroom didn’t accept abundant attic amplitude for him to action his wheelchair.

After the Saniefars were sued, they assassin a certified admission specialist and a architect to abolish the barriers, cloister annal say. Once the ADA issues were fixed, federal Adjudicator Sheila Oberto absolved the complaint on March 29, 2017.

“My parents complied with the law,” said Saniefar, who said the Americans with Disabilities Act is a acceptable law, but business owners should be accustomed “a adroitness period” to fix problems afore they are sued.

Using the agnate allegations, Ronald Moore additionally sued the Saniefar ancestors in Fresno Superior Cloister for an declared abuse of the Unruh Civilian Rights Act that protects disabled bodies adjoin barriers in accessible places such as hotels, restaurants and stores. His civilian balloon is appointed to alpha in August.

Saniefar and O’Connor accede that whoever wins the Fresno Superior Cloister action will accept an high duke in the RICO lawsuit.

“This is not a ancestors that voluntarily complied — it took Ronald Moore’s accusation to get them to do it,” O’Connor said.

“We will win, and aback we do, it will be a achievement not alone for my clients, but for the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, the Constitution, and all bodies gluttonous to absolve their civilian rights,” O’Connor said.

If Saniefar wins, she said, “it will put bodies on notice” that the law doesn’t acquiesce counterfeit ADA lawsuits.

“It’s alarming and adverse that anyone would accept to characterize my client’s claims and appropriate to due activity in a U.S. cloister as ‘terrorizing.’ We are attractive advanced to presenting the case to a jury,” she said.

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