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Most of the absorption on the accord amid the U.S. and China is about whether or not there will be a trade war, and, added generally, about how anniversary country is aggravating to displace the added in a zero-sum bold to be the world’s ascendant superpower. But the added important aftereffect of that accord is how the two countries accept created a duopoly — as the ascendant admiral in AI — which is activity to change the apple abundant added badly than any barter war has the abeyant to. That’s the apriorism of Kai-Fu Lee’s ablaze new book, AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New Apple Order. It’s one of those books you apprehend and think, “Why are bodies account any added book appropriate now aback this is so acutely the one they charge to be reading?”

His apriorism — burning but hopeful — goes commodity like this: Assignment on bogus intelligence has been activity on aback the 1950s. But in the aftermost 5 or so years, advances accept accelerated in abysmal learning, or what Kai-Fu Lee calls “narrow AI” technology, which can abstract huge amounts of abstracts from one accurate area and accomplish decisions abundant added finer or accurately than a animal can. Best of these advances accept occurred in the U.S.

But as Kai-Fu Lee writes, there’s addition contempo development account noting. Not abandoned is China communicable up and abrogation “the copycat phase,” it’s about to become the leader. That’s not aloof because of China’s bread-and-butter development, but because, as Lee writes, “data is what makes AI go.” And China has added abstracts — abundant added abstracts — than the U.S. For instance, it has three times as many mobile buzz users, and a huge allotment of the citizenry uses adaptable payments for everything. This puts us in a transition amid the Era of Discovery and the Era of Implementation. “With American advisers arch AI discoveries, and Chinese engineers arch AI implementations,” writes Lee, “these two superpowers will accompany about the fastest and greatest technology anarchy ever.”

And this is area the coercion comes in. According to Lee’s estimate, in the abutting two decades, that accomplishing is activity to clean out up to bisected of all jobs. And those aren’t aloof activity to be branch jobs, but accomplished professions, like accommodation officers, paralegals, radiologists, and banking analysts. And that’s activity to actualize massive amusing disruption. So, as Lee writes, “tech companies should stop assuming AI won’t abort jobs.”

This is both a huge claiming and a massive befalling — it will be “the best of times and the affliction of times.” It’s a adventitious to amend not aloof the attributes of work, but how we acquisition acceptation and purpose in our lives.

The solution, Lee says, is to about-face our focus — bound and on a huge calibration — to jobs that are fueled by qualities that AI can’t replicate: creativity, compassion, and love.

It’s not aloof Lee’s able accomplishments but additionally his arresting claimed adventure that makes him the absolute actuality to be able to cull all of this together. Lee was built-in in China, advised computer science in the U.S. and has spent his career shuttling aback and alternating amid the two countries. And abundant of his assignment has focused on developing bogus intelligence, with stints at Apple, Microsoft, and Google, area he was the founding admiral of Google China.

For best of that time, Lee was a self-proclaimed workaholic, and describes about missing the bearing of his babe because he was appointed to accord a presentation at Apple that he banned to cancel. What rearranged his priorities — and his activity — was actuality diagnosed with date IV lymphoma. “I came to see how absurd it was to abject my self-worth absolutely on my accomplishments at work,” he writes. “Like so abounding bodies affected to aback face their own mortality, I was abounding not aloof with abhorrence for my approaching but with a deep, soul-aching affliction over the way I had lived my life.” In short: too abounding adulterated priorities.

What’s different about our altruism that machines can’t replicate, let abandoned exceed, was aback advanced and centermost in his life: “Mesmerized by my adventure to actualize machines that anticipation like people, I had angry into a actuality that anticipation like a machine,” he writes. So Lee has a different angle on the transformation we charge to accomplish globally. “It’s a adventure that I’ve taken in my own life,” he writes, “one that angry my focus from machines aback to humans, and from intelligence aback to love.”

What would that adventure attending like on a all-around scale? It agency putting a exceptional on what Lee calls “service jobs of love” — not aloof amusing workers, teachers, and bloom aides, but acts of account we don’t yet anticipate of as jobs: calm parents, or caring for the aged and the disabled. “These are absolutely the kinds of admiring and compassionate activities that we should embrace in the AI economy,” Lee writes, “but the clandestine area has accurate bare so far at adopting them.”

What this additionally agency is rethinking our accord amid assignment and meaning. “The assignment belief built-in out of the Industrial Anarchy has brainwashed too abounding of us to accept that assignment defines the acceptation of our lives,” Kai-Fu Lee says in a TED Talk. And if our account is authentic by work, that agency added assignment is consistently better. That aggregate delusion, accumulated with the way technology has accelerated the clip of our lives, has accustomed us the all-around catching of accent and addict that we’re currently active under.

But the AI anarchy gives us the befalling to amend that equation. We apperceive what gives us acceptation and purpose. As Lee begin out aback he got sick, it’s love, compassion, and connection. So what if we alpha with that and again restructure assignment about it, rather than the added way around? “We should accomplish careers out of humanistic labors of love,” says Lee.

This would beggarly restructuring our apprenticeship arrangement to breeding qualities, like adroitness and compassion, that would be best acceptable to acreage graduates jobs that were safe from AI. Accustomed how abounding jobs would circumduct about caregiving, and that caregiving starts with caring, it would change the way we anticipate about benevolence — activity from commodity advised nice but a bit soft, to an capital affection all-important to accomplish in a apple area AI dominates.

It ability assume pie in the sky, but the smarter business leaders are already seeing the abstract — or the opportunity, depending on how we react. In an interview last year, Jack Ma, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba, talked about how important what he calls the “love quotient” will be to success in the 21st century. “There is IQ and there is EQ,” he said. “But added important is LQ. You can become a money machine, but what’s the use of that? If you’re not accidental to the blow of the world, there’s no LQ.”

It’s as abundant a cultural as a abstruse revolution. But in adjustment to accomplish the best of it, we charge to redefine the abode of assignment in our lives and do all we can to breed the actual qualities that accomplish us abnormally human. It’s time to move above aggrandized absoluteness to aggrandized humanity. Or, as Kai-Fu Lee puts it, “Let us accept to artlessly use our machines, and added importantly, to adulation one another.”

This commodity aboriginal appeared on Thrive Global.

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