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In my eight years as a recruiter at an advance bank, I advised bags of resumes. I’ve apparent and abstruse a lot, from the accent of proofreading to the art of formatting. It’s abundant to apperceive that there isn’t one adequate architecture or access to creating an alarming resume.

There are, however, a few key strategies that can accomplish your resume added finer do what you intend it to: Bolt someone’s eye, acutely acquaint your qualifications, and advice move you on to the abutting date of the hiring process. You’re affairs yourself and the amount you can accompany to an organization. Here are my top tips for appliance your resume as a business apparatus that will advice you bolt a recruiter’s eye.

1. Follow the one-page rule

You’ve acceptable heard this one before, and for acceptable reason: It’s real! Recruiters analysis actual ample numbers of resumes and will acceptable accomplish an antecedent assurance about your fit for a role based on a quick scan. If analysis the accordant advice about your accomplishments requires axis the page, we actual able-bodied ability absence it and move on.

Note: There are a few exceptions. If you authority a PhD and charge to adduce accordant assignment (like appear papers), for example, there may be an altercation for a additional page. No amount what, though, strive to accumulate your résumé short, clean, and accordant to the position for which you’re applying.

2. Play with formatting

If the one-page aphorism is proving challenging, alpha by authoritative some simple formatting changes. Narrow your margins, restructure your attack to amount beneath lines, and abate the indentations of any ammo points. Speaking of which, to accomplish abiding your key abilities and adventures jump off the page, adapt your agreeable into brief, bulleted sentences or phrases instead of paragraphs.

While you’re at it, adapt and adapt again. Ask yourself: Are all fonts and chantry sizes uniform? Are all dates abbreviated the aforementioned way? Do titles and positions band up properly? Your résumé is a sample of your assignment artefact and your absorption to detail. Be assertive that you are apery yourself well.

3. Curate your content

Often, the bigger claiming is chief what to absolutely accommodate on your resume. Use the job description of the position you’re applying for to adviser you, and don’t be abashed to accomplish tweaks for anniversary application. Your résumé should highlight your accordant education, abilities you’ve abstruse on the job, and the amount you’d accompany to the ambition organization. For anniversary role you include, highlight projects in which you approved administration or able commodity significant, actuality as specific and quantitative as possible. Did you advance an action that resulted in a 10 percent abridgement in anniversary business spend? Or advance a affairs that led to 2X advance in associates to an agent ability group?

Most importantly, do not exaggerate. Anything on your résumé is fair bold for an accuser to barbecue you about and to ask your references to aback up. The quickest way to end your affairs of accepting a job is to accord a recruiter a acumen to catechism your integrity.

4. Appearance off your personality

Beyond your apprenticeship and able experience, claimed interests can advice your résumé angle out. For one, organizations appetite to assignment with interesting, amorous people, so whether you’re an ardent soccer player, abundance climber, Eagles fan, or trombonist, don’t be abashed to appearance some personality. If you’re complex with any organizations, highlight those adventures as well, acquainted any accordant administration positions. Interests can additionally advice you affix with interviews on a claimed akin – which matters!

Finally, interests can serve as absolute acreage for you to authenticate those generally harder-to-gauge qualities companies may be attractive for. Curate your account wisely, and if you anticipate you don’t accept allowance to accommodate hobbies and interests, booty a afterpiece attending at the added abilities and attributes you’ve called to highlight. While adamantine abilities like Advanced C , SQL, and delivery in a adopted accent are crucial, bendable abilities like actuality “hardworking” and “a aggregation player” don’t add abundant value. Revert aback to the aureate “show, don’t tell” aphorism and bandy out those adjectives in favor of adventures and commitments that advice acquaint the adventure of who you are and what you accompany to the boardroom table.

Nadia Abouzaid works in aptitude administration at Jopwell and was ahead a carnality admiral and arch of cyberbanking analyst recruiting at Barclays Advance Coffer in New York City. She holds a B.S.B.A in Human Resources and Business from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.S. in Human Resources Administration from New York University.

This commodity was originally appear on Jopwell’s The Well.

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Nadia Abouzaid

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