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Have you anytime thought, I accept oh so abundant cash. If alone I knew what to do with it? If you have, amuse stop anniversary this commodity and accomplish a analysis out to Amber Petty. DM for added abundant claimed info.

More likely, at the end of the month, you’ve apparently thought, Holy God! Area did all my money go! In this era of gig economies, ancillary hustles, and alive annular the alarm for aloof over minimum wage, a lot of us are dying to acquisition means to save a brace dollars. Luckily, there are lots of means to save cash, and with a little preparation, you could go a accomplished ages after spending a dime on added expenses.

Now, I’m not talking about absolutely spending $0 for a accomplished month. There’s rent, gas, groceries, and medical bills that can’t be avoided. Would I adulation to acquaint my freeholder that I can’t pay hire because I’m accommodating in a “no-spend” month? Yes. Would I promptly be removed from my home and told to go spiral myself if I did that? Additionally yes. But you can abate all accidental costs to aught with some planning, discipline, and admonition from allotment experts.

EDITOR’S PICK{{displayTitle}} Be Prepared

If you don’t accept a plan for your no-spend month, you’ll alpha with acceptable intentions but end your day affairs Chipotle and bubbler a Frappuccino. But if you accomplish a plan, it will be abundant easier to abstain temptation.

First, accomplish a anniversary of things you commonly absorb money on. Again, basics like advantage don’t count, but bistro out, activity for drinks, or affairs the new lipstick you aloof saw somebody abrasion on Instagram does. So address out all added things you spent money on aftermost week, and you’ll apparently acquisition a spending pattern. Now you’ll apperceive what to abstain and how to get about your archetypal spending traps.

Also, aces a ages area you apparently won’t accept to absorb much. For example, December is a bad choice. With all the parties, travel, and presents that are expected, anyone’s advantageous to get out of the aftermost ages of the year spending $1,000 added dollars (though if you do a $0 December, acceptable for you, you are a gem). Instead, aces a ages that’s appealing ablaze on birthdays, holidays, and weddings. It ability be absurd to abstain all three in one month, so aloof do your best.

Stock Up

Food is usually one of the bigger costs every month. But if you banal up on easy, non-perishable items on your abutting cruise to the grocery store, you can save a ton. Dustyn Ferguson, claimed accounts adept and architect of Dime Will Tell, says you’ll save a lot by “moving a amount bank bottomward in grocery stores.” Basically, if you boutique at alone at Accomplished Foods, you don’t charge to carelessness all that for the Dollar Store. Instead, move bottomward a tier. Go from Accomplished Foods to Trader Joe’s. You’ll still acquisition things with the affection you’re acclimated to, but you’ll save a little cash.

Stock up on cheap, good-for-you ingredients.

Think items like rice, beans, pastas, canned tomatoes, broth, and arctic vegetables. All that actuality is as bargain as it gets and could possibly booty you through the month. Of course, you’ll buy some beginning fruits and vegetables during your no-spend weeks, but if you banal up on adequately advantageous non-perishables, you can eat able-bodied and absorb abundant less.

This ability complete like the old academy canicule of ramen and mac and cheese, but you can eat a advanced array of rice and legumes for clay cheap—and yay for chili!—and not feel like your diet is fabricated of sodium and preservatives.

Also, accomplish abiding you buy accessible actuality you can booty for lunch.

Cans of tuna, bread, soups, actuality like that. Sure, maybe you’ll accomplish some broiled pork with saffron-infused quinoa to booty with you to work. But added likely, you’ll be active out the aperture with about two abnormal of food-prep time. In that case, it’s abundant bigger to accept some Campbell’s soup you can bandy in a bag to accompany with you, instead of accepting to assignment and acumen you’ll accept to carapace out $10 for the abominable cafeteria bloom at the abode abutting door.

Be astute with yourself.

Do you apperceive you’ll absence activity out for a booze with your friends? Banal up on a few bottles of Charles Shaw’s finest. Accept an clue that you’ll appetite to adjustment pizza? Get a analytic priced arctic pizza for aback the appetite hits. The added you apperceive yourself and your spending habits, the added calmly you’ll be able to go a ages after battery out added money or activity deprived.

Use a cash-back app.

To save alike added on your grocery stock-up adventure, “use a banknote aback app like Ibotta to get money aback on things you’d acquirement anyway,” Ferguson says. “If you do it right, an app like this could calmly accord you aback 10, 20, or alike 30 dollars every distinct grocery trip.” Ibotta is a chargeless app that offers coupons and deals to a advanced array of stores. Aloof browse your receipt, and Ibotta gives you money back. Once you’ve fabricated $20 or more, you can get banknote deposited anon into your Paypal or Venmo account. If you use this app aloof for essentials, it’s affectionate of like accepting chargeless money. Now, don’t apprehend to account all your costs with this, but it’s not bad for some benefit savings.

Last stock-up tip: coffee.

Yes, affairs Starbucks every day gets expensive. We all apperceive it. And normally, I’d say alleviative yourself to a adorned coffee now and afresh is absolutely fine. But for a no-spend month, it’s off-limits. Instead, get yourself a coffee you like. Are you a flavored coffee person? Buy flavored syrup. You can generally acquisition these at the dollar store, or if that freaks you out, they’re appealing analytic priced at the approved grocery.

Here’s my claimed admired coffee tip: Accomplish your own algid brew. It’s accessible as hell and bargain as all get out. Buy this $10 algid beverage maker from Target (not a sponsor, aloof a accepted affair I bought and use every day). All you accept to do is put some coffee area in it, ample it with water, and put it in the fridge overnight. That’s it! Yes, you accept to bethink to do it the night before, but I anticipate it’s way easier than accepting up added aboriginal to accomplish a beginning pot of coffee in the morning.

Plus, the algid beverage tastes cool affluent and smooth. My bedmate usually drinks his coffee like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, and now he uses bisected as abundant aspartame because the algid brewing action gets rid of so abundant bitterness. Sure, my algid beverage activity is a slight tangent, but it saves a lot of money aback you DIY everyday.

Get Chargeless Stuff

After you’ve abounding up, we get to the bewitched no-spend itself! Hooray! Luckily, you don’t accept to sit about your abode in blackout to abstain spending cash. There’s a lot of chargeless actuality out there, so you can advance your wardrobe, be entertained, and maybe alike booty a vacation—all while your acclaim agenda stays at $0.

Swap Around

“One of my admired means to acquisition chargeless clothes is to host a accouterment swap,” says Ashli Dawn, buyer and architect of Moolah Mogul. “I acclaim announcement in a bounded Facebook accumulation and accepting a agglomeration of bodies together.” Accomplish abiding you accept a brace items to accord abroad and ask your accompany to accompany a few items of their own. Then, set all the actuality out and let anybody accept a new, chargeless account to add to their wardrobe.

This is abnormally acceptable because it’s a chargeless way to get calm with friends, and you can get a few items out of the deal. Since it’s a clothes swap, don’t anguish about accepting aliment and booze for your guests. Most bodies will apprehend to aloof attending at clothes, talk, and adore accepting article for free. But if you absolutely appetite to be sneaky, ask your accompany to accompany a simple snack. By the end of the party, you’ll accept chargeless clothes and chips, you devil (cue an angry laugh). Honestly, this is a abundant way for bodies to recycle actuality they don’t appetite and to blemish any arcade crawling you ability have.

Facebook and Craigslist

Nowadays, few acceptable things appear from Facebook and Craigslist. But aback it comes to chargeless stuff, they can be a goldmine. “I’ve alone acclimated Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to get a chargeless queen-size bed frame, cat food, and a jacket,” Ferguson says. “You’d be afraid by the things bodies are accommodating to accord abroad aloof because they accept no use for it and appetite it gone.” Attending for Facebook Marketplace groups and accompany to see what’s actuality accustomed away. You usually accept to acknowledgment appealing quick to account article good, but it’s a nice ability at the admirable amount of $0.

The Freecycle Network

If you charge article specific during your no-spend month, analysis out The Freecycle Network. Bodies cavalcade things that they’re giving away, but you can additionally appeal items. The armpit carefully forbids any affairs or bartering. It’s all free, all the time.

I arrested out the Glendale/Burbank area to see what they offer. Turns out, I could get affective boxes, vinyl records, and baby clothes all for nothing! But there are additionally big-ticket items like a abounding bedchamber set of furniture, so I awful acclaim giving this armpit a try whether you’re accomplishing a no-spend ages or not.

Community Gardens

“Community area are usually chargeless to participate in, and generally associates are accustomed to booty a allocation of what they grow,” Dawn says. You get to be outside, collective with nature, and sometimes booty home some produce! Not bad for a chargeless afternoon. The American Community Gardening Association can advice you acquisition the garden abutting you.


Libraries are a anchorage of chargeless stuff! Obviously, you can get books. But aback you’re not in the affection to leave your home to get anniversary material, the library still has you covered. Most accessible libraries use Overdrive, an app that lets you admission bags of chargeless e-books and audio books. You can alike accelerate them appropriate to your Kindle so you don’t accept to attending over your buzz to apprehend Anna Karenina.

But there’s so abundant added than books. Most libraries accord you admission to Kanopy, a alive accumulating of archetypal cinema, documentaries, and my admired cine of the aftermost 10 years, What We Do in the Shadows. Honestly, if you aloof watch that affected documentary about vampires administration a collapsed in New Zealand (starring Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords), you’ll accept a actual blessed no-spend month.

Maybe you’d like to use this $0 ages to apprentice a new accomplishment and advance your resume? Well, advantageous for you, your library agenda gets you admission to Lynda, a armpit that streams all kinds of courses from internet business to adornment 101.

After you’ve listened to an audiobook, apprehend a diffuse ebook, streamed a doc, and abstruse a new skill, you ability appetite to leave the house. Accomplish abiding to analysis out the contest aural your bounded library system. There are consistently activities for kids, but abounding additionally action concerts, allocution backs, book clubs, and added fun actuality for adults.

I’m a little baby because I alive in a actual ample library arrangement (also the library abreast me is an old Spanish appearance mansion, so I apperceive this isn’t normal). But the accessible library offers a MakerSpace with bed-making machines, computers, jewelry-making tools, and three 3D printers! Plus, they accept audio accessories and a VR station. It’s all chargeless to use with a library agenda (you accept to assurance up to assets a spot, but still), and they action chargeless workshops to advice you use all those absorbing tools. Again, I apperceive not all libraries accept this abundant stuff. But every library hosts absorbing events, and they’re usually abundant options for free, candid entertainment.

Special Events

If you’re abreast a city, there’s article chargeless to do. Analysis out the TimeOut abutting you and attending through their “Free” tab. Usually, it’s aggregate from ad-lib to art arcade openings. Pro tip: As a actuality who’s done years of improv, that chargeless ad-lib appearance will be a absolute gamble. Aloof a warning. Speaking of art galleries, they generally authority chargeless openings that absorb wine and a bite or two. So, you can attending at appealing stuff, get some chargeless booze, and feel bargain and chic at the aforementioned time.

Secret Shopping

If you’d like to try to about-face your chargeless ages into ancillary hustle month, Jen Hayes of Smarty Pants Accounts suggests acceptable a abstruseness shopper. “It is a 100-percent accepted antecedent of assets and chargeless things,” she says. As a abstruseness shopper, you’re told to go into a assertive establishment, accomplish a purchase, again address a address about the experience. Companies use these shoppers to acquisition out how their aliment are running. It’s like Undercover Boss but with beneath crying.

“Just this month, I accept abstruseness shopped at restaurants, smoothie shops, a aircraft centermost to mail a package, a adorableness adverse to get $30 lipgloss, a kitchen accumulation store, sports accouterment store, toy store, aide parking at a mall, and a high-end hotel!” Hayes says. “My grocery account is abutting to annihilation aback I band up restaurant abstruseness shops anniversary day.” I’ve been a abstruseness client for confined and restaurants. Don’t apprehend abundant banknote to appear your way, and it’s a little bit of a hassle, but you do eat for chargeless and get a little added for your troubles.

You can acquisition abstruseness arcade opportunities online, but be careful. There are a lot of scams out there. But the FTC has a accessible adviser for sussing out a scam, and if you chase its recommendations, you should be fine.

Free Vacation (Sort Of)

If your no-spend ages has you activity cooped up, why not get out of town? If you don’t apperception accepting your easily dirty, you can advance to assignment at farms about the world. Every day you’re there, you assignment a bisected day and get chargeless allowance and board. You can accomplish to as little as one day or breach for months—it’s up to you.

Now, you will be alive on a farm, which abounding ability not accede a accurate “vacation.” Also, there’s a $40 anniversary fee to admission the system. But the armpit does let you analysis out abounding acreage listings afore you purchase, so you can see if there’s annihilation you’re absorbed in afore putting in your acclaim card. If you like the abstraction of accepting abroad from it all, accomplishing a little work, and spending beneath than a night at a auberge would cost, this could be a admirable way to booty a trip.

All it takes is a little planning, cleverness, and a library card, and you can accept a appealing fun no-spend month. Alike if you can’t absolutely breach your Starbucks addiction for a ages at a time, these tips should save you some money all year round.

Amber Petty is an L.A.-based biographer and a approved contributor to Greatist. Chase forth as she shares her weight-loss adventure in her new bi-monthly column, Slim Chance. You can additionally booty singing acquaint with Amber at Sing a Different Tune, analysis out her alarming podcast about The Masked Singer, and chase her on Instagram @ambernpetty.

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