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Written by Linda Hertz, medical sales recruiter, career blogger, and architect of the Linda Hertz Group

Dear Linda,

I am currently alive as a assistant at a Hospital in Dallas. I accept been applying to assorted biologic and accessory rep jobs aural the Dallas area. My compassionate is that this industry is actual advancing and adamantine to breach into.

I capital to ability out to you to see if you could advice me acquisition jobs in the Dallas breadth in medical sales. I accept acquaintance alive in activity and delivery, OR, and PACU units in the hospital. My career ambition is to breach out of nursing and abound in my career in medical sales or as a analytic specialist at a medical accessory company.

I accept included my resume for your analysis and I attending advanced to audition aback from you. Thank you for demography the time to apprehend this and I achievement to apprehend from you soon.

Jennifer V.

“I capital to ability out to you to see if you could advice me acquisition jobs in medical sales.”
Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for an accomplished question. It is one that I accept from nurses all the time. Abounding ask about Analytic Support positions for the medical industry (that will be covered in the commodity afterward this one!).

I’d like to abode your catechism about jumping into the calefaction of the action and acceptable a medical sales actuality anon from your hospital nursing experience. It appears you accept lumped medical accessory sales and affairs (detailing) biologic articles together; you may be bold these are agnate types of jobs.

In fact, these are two actual altered types of sales jobs, and I will aboriginal do a abbreviate and ever simplified account on the differences (so you can actuate which one absolutely apparel your personality). Again I will assignment bottomward on how to alteration from nursing to either blazon of sales position.

YOU are the one who allegation ultimately booty allegation to adapt and acquisition a medical sales job, and I accept suggestions for you to do aloof that — and as a spoiler, I adored the best advancement for last!

Medical accessory sales is a action of affairs a accessory or disposable medical articles and allurement for a Acquirement Adjustment to get it billed and shipped. Thus, it is about allurement for the adjustment with abounding complicated accomplish in-between.  Pharmaceutical sales is about accepting a physician to appoint their company’s biologic to his or her patient. Some pharma sales bodies alarm alone on doctor offices, others alarm aloft the hospital (their ambition is to get their biologic on the hospital formulary), and sometimes a pharma rep. is a admixture of both alarm points.

A medical accessory sales adumbrative does not accomplish a auction until they accretion approval from a analytic accommodation maker, accretion a acquirement adjustment from the ability they represent (hospital, anaplasty center, clinic, physician office) and it’s shipped. A pharma rep. gets a auction afterwards “detailing” a artefact to a doctor, acquisitive the doctor will appoint their artefact to the accommodating and again ultimately get a auction as recorded by a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy aural their territory.

Both types of jobs, medical accessory and biologic sales, are about affairs a product, but the point of acquirement inherently makes the two jobs absolutely different.

Medical Accessory sales is usually apparent as a abundant added advancing auction and Biologic sales is a added acquiescent blazon of affairs via educating or account articles for accepting prescriptions. So aboriginal adjudge which one you are bigger ill-fitted for.

So how does a assistant jump into EITHER medical sales role appropriate from their nursing job? Well, let me be up front, it is a actual difficult maneuver, but it can be done with discipline and abnegation rejection. In fact, those are the two abilities you will charge in either sales position!

I interviewed candidates for one of my medical accessory sales positions this accomplished anniversary and a few had been nurses in their accomplished and accept been actual acknowledged as sales people. I airish your catechism to them as well. Collectively, with their ability and my experience, there seems to be three methods and, as they said, a bit of luck added in as well!

Get to apperceive your medical sales reps.

Do accomplish abiding you accommodated and accost the sales bodies as they access your hospital — acquaint yourself and be affable to them. This may assume self-serving, but they are there accomplishing the aforementioned thing, affair and actuality affable to abeyant barter aural your hospital to advertise their articles and/or service.

Ask them for their business agenda and let them apperceive your admiration to be accomplishing what they are accomplishing for a living.  Ask them how they bankrupt into the business.  Find out if they accept Associate Sales Roles at their aggregation or if their aggregation hires nurses as sales people.  Ask if you could affix to them on LinkedIn as you activate your adventure to attaining a medical sales job.After you accept an accustomed business relationship, ask if you could be alien to their administrator aback he/she campaign with him or her in your hospital abutting time.Make abiding YOU DO NOT breach your employer’s guidelines during this process. Let’s not lose the job you accept or activity up agitation for the sales adumbrative too!Keep application job boards and LinkedIn.

We say in recruiting candidates for job openings, “It alone booty one applicant to ample a job.” This is said because generally our audience appetite bristles to seven candidates to account for a position, but we apperceive alone one actuality get’s the job. So on the added ancillary of the coin, “It alone takes one job for you to get a breach into medical sales,” so accumulate applying to jobs and attractive for job postings that may be a fit.

Keep application job boards and accumulate attractive for pharma or medical sales jobs that may acquiesce a assistant the befalling for an access akin sales position. Attending for Associate Sales Positions too.Utilize Media and Media to set up job alerts beatific anon to you with “Associate Sales Position” AND “Medical Sales” as keywords.Be alive on LinkedIn and use a able contour account that makes you attending like a medical sales adumbrative (dressed in business attire, not your scrubs). Ability out to District Managers and Medical Sales bodies active by companies you are interested.Apply to “Business to Business” access akin jobs.

Jennifer, you accelerating two years ago with your BSN, you are a actual aboriginal career actuality and you still accept a window to administer to access akin B2B sales positions (I usually advance this for business graduates who accept accelerating from academy aural the accomplished six to seven years).

You can accomplish added money as a BSN in a hospital than in an access akin sales job, but these positions accept accomplished sales training programs. If you breach with one aggregation for two to three years with top sales, accumulated with your BSN and hospital experience, medical accessory and biologic sales companies will hop on your resume anon aback you administer to their job openings!

It is important you baddest the appropriate B2B sales aggregation like ADP and PAYCHEX amount casework or Cintas compatible sales. I accept accounting an earlier, yet still valid, commodity on this topic: How To Breach Into Medical Accessory Sales. You may jump into this sales position (baptism by fire) and either adulation it or abhorrence it, but you will apperceive if you absolutely appetite to get into medical sales. As a nurse, you can consistently go aback to your hospital job in a second!

Ultimately, a job applicant allegation booty on the accountability of award their abutting job befalling and in addition, accomplish abiding they are application an access that is cardinal accustomed their accepted abilities adjoin those appropriate of a position. In the bearings of a assistant attempting to cantankerous anon over into a medical sales position, I would advance accomplishing all three strategies mentioned aloft accompanying to access the anticipation of a acknowledged outcome.

Please breach in blow and let me apperceive if you were able to breach the barrier of entering into the medical sales world. I will accumulate my readers abreast of your career journey. Safe travels!

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