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Applications for the 2019 Sinclair Advertisement Group assortment scholarships are now actuality accepted. Sinclair Advertisement Group is the ancestor aggregation of Fox26 and CW59.

Past recipients of the scholarship accommodate acceptance from California colleges, including Fresno State.

The borderline for applications is Sunday, April 14, 2019. You don’t accept to be a journalism aloft to administer or be selected, but you charge actualization you’re demography some classes in this breadth and plan a career in advertisement or agenda journalism, or marketing. Also, you charge be a US Citizen, and be a green or inferior at a four-year academy or university in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington. Inferior Academy acceptance are not currently acceptable to accept one of the scholarships.

You charge appear from a assorted background, and accept a minimum of a 2.50 GPA at the time of your application.

Here is the articulation to apply: Media can accommodated the 2017 Sinclair Advertisement Group Assortment Scholarship recipients here: Media are the rules and all you charge to apperceive about applying.:

Broadcast Assortment Scholarship Rules and Instructions:


The Sinclair Advertisement Assortment Scholarship Armamentarium was accustomed in 2016 to accommodate banking abutment to academy acceptance absorbed in a career in advertisement / agenda journalism, or marketing. The Armamentarium affairs to accolade scholarships of up to $5,000 to condoning and admirable acceptance from underrepresented boyhood groups who charge banking abetment to complete their education.



To be acceptable for a Sinclair Advertisement Assortment Scholarship, an appellant charge be:

A U.S. citizen; Charge accept a tie to one of these bristles states: California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington. (you charge either be enrolled at a four-year undergraduate academy or university in one of those states OR your abiding abode charge be aural one of those states if your academy is alfresco of that region).

A accepted academy green or inferior at a four-year undergraduate academy or university (scholarships will be activated to applicant’s inferior or chief year, respectively);

A affiliate of a boyhood ethnicity;

Studying in the areas of broadcasting, journalism, or marketing; and

Carrying a minimum 2.50 accumulative GPA (or its equivalent) at the time of application.

An appellant may not:

Be a full-time employee, or be accompanying to any employee, administrator or lath affiliate of Sinclair Advertisement Group, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries (“Sinclair”).


Complete the online appliance anatomy accessible here: Media will charge to accommodate the afterward advice and abstracts in English:

Acquaintance information;

Apprenticeship information;

Qualification for banking aid;

Cover letter (must explain claimed background, banking need, and career goals in 300 words or fewer); Abundant acknowledgment to one of two specific questions accompanying to fields of journalism / marketing.

Two (2) assignment samples (such as articles, video/audio clips, photos, claimed website, or added accordant project);

Resume; and

Unofficial Academy Transcript.

You can alpha your application, save it, and appear aback to it later. Submissions are due on the date adumbrated on the application. Remember, your appliance is not complete until you accept clicked “Submit.”


1. Do I charge to be a journalism, communications, or media aloft to apply?

No, you charge aloof be advancing studies in journalism, broadcasting or media marketing.

2. What does Sinclair accessory for back selecting recipients?

Sinclair is attractive for applicants that actualization a 18-carat absorption in the broadcasting, advertisement / agenda journalism and business career fields, approved by advance assignment and assignment samples.

3. Is the scholarship based on banking need?

While bookish achievements and assignment acquaintance are factors in the another process, we will alone be giving out scholarships to those that authenticate banking need.

4. In what architecture do I abide my materials?

All added abstracts are uploaded anon to our online appliance portal.

We acclaim uploading your added abstracts as PDF files. You may additionally upload Chat documents.

Hyperlinks in abstracts do not consistently download properly, so amuse do not accommodate hyperlinks. You may, however, accredit to a complete URL in the argument of a certificate or acknowledgment field.

Agenda as able-bodied as advertisement pieces are acceptable assignment samples.

5. Can I mail in a cardboard application?

No. We are alone accepting online applications.

6. I created an account, but now I’m accepting agitation logging in.

Accomplish abiding you are logging in here: Media Try resetting your password.

If you still accept trouble, acquaintance Media Back will the scholarships be awarded?

The scholarships will be awarded in June for the afterward bookish year.

8. I am a accomplished scholarship winner. Can I administer for accession one?

No, you may not administer for, or be awarded, accession Sinclair Advertisement Assortment Scholarship.

9. What may I use the scholarship money for?

Scholarship awards will be beatific anon to your academy (or contrarily as directed by Sinclair Advertisement Group in its sole acumen in adjustment to accede with applicative laws) for appliance to your school’s charge and accompanying academy fees.


For advice apropos our scholarship program, amuse email your questions to: Media APPLICATION TIPS:

For applicants

Adapt everything! If you can, get a acquaintance or abecedary to adapt your appliance abstracts aloof to accomplish abiding you haven’t absent any typos. Do not await on SpellCheck!

Carefully apprehend and chase all admonition and appellant belief on the scholarship’s advice folio and the online appliance page.

Cover Letter

The lath are attractive for a claimed affiliation and a acute narrative. Be professional, but use your own voice. Be genuine.

Accomplish abiding you abode the requested capacity of claimed background, banking need, and career goals aural the appliance chat limit.

Convince the lath why they should baddest you. Highlight your best qualifications.

Use examples to actualization you fit the specific scholarship you are applying for, but don’t aloof re-list your resume.

Proper grammar and actual spelling matters.

Work Samples

Your assignment samples are one of the best important appliance components.

Lath are attractive for applicants who are able for careers in broadcasting, journalism, or marketing.

They are attractive for able affection work, and they apperceive it back they see it!

Upload your best assignment samples to a armpit like YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud or added belvedere and accommodate the URLs to these samples on your appliance form.

Briefly call your role in anniversary of the pieces, whether as producer, editor, reporter, etc.

If you accept a claimed website or use amusing media platforms to allotment your assignment samples, it is important to accommodate these as well.


Be organized and consistent. Accumulate the formatting simple and accessible to apprehend so that key advice like your name stands out.

Try to accumulate your resume to one-page. Effective and informative, yet brief, autograph is key to success in the broadcasting, journalism and business fields. You are cogent your own adventure with your resume.

List activities chronologically aural anniversary breadth so the best contempo is highlighted.

Accommodate assignment history, association service, club affiliations, ceremoniousness and awards.

Be abundant and results-oriented. “Produced X belief per anniversary for apprentice account approach with viewership of X” is abundant bigger than “Reported for apprentice account channel.”

Things you ability appetite to accommodate on your resume are your accordant experience, achievements, and skills. As a student, you may not accept abundant journalism assignment experience, but internships or alike advance acquaintance counts too. Achievements ability accommodate awards, scholarships, or able alignment memberships. Specialized abilities or adventures like ability in video alteration software, delivery in a adopted language, or accessory a journalism appointment can set you afar from added candidates.

Campus media counts as assignment experience.

Video or infographic resumes are different and creative, but for this appliance you’ll charge to upload your resume as a PDF or Chat document.


In accession to the altitude listed above, the afterward rules administer to this program.

Applications: Sinclair Advertisement Group is not amenable for any backward or abridged applications for whatever reason, including failures of the appliance portal. Backward and abridged applications will not be reviewed. Any applications that accommodate apocryphal advice will be afar from consideration. Sinclair Advertisement Group is not amenable for inaccurate scholarship appliance capacity supplied to any aspirant by any third affair affiliated with this application. By applying for a Sinclair Advertisement Assortment Armamentarium scholarship, you admission us permission to verify the capacity of your appliance with your academy and accede to booty any added analytic all-important accomplish to accredit such analysis process. Your appliance charge be completed in the appliance aperture by 11:59pm ET on the appliance closing date adumbrated on the application.

Judging Criteria: Applications will be advised on affair the accommodation requirements, affection of abstracts submitted (e.g., creativity, professionalism, maturity, and production), bookish achievement, and abeyant for success in the breadth of interest.

Recipient Another and Announcements: All scholarship accolade decisions are fabricated in the acumen Sinclair Advertisement Group, including its armamentarium advisers and analysis panel, and are final and non-appealable. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email and/or letter aural 60 canicule of the closing date. If a champ cannot be contacted or does not accede cancellation of notification aural 14 days, we assets the appropriate to abjure the scholarship from the recipient.

Awards: Scholarship checks will be beatific to the winner’s school’s banking aid appointment or contrarily as directed by Sinclair Advertisement Group in its sole acumen in adjustment to accede with applicative laws. Aloft notification of accepting a scholarship, we may charge affidavit of banking aid accommodation and added tax-related advice from you. This will be requested in your accolade notification. It is the student’s albatross to ensure that this advice is provided to Sinclair Advertisement Group. No banknote another to the scholarship will be offered. The funds are not transferable.

Conditions of Award: If any added funds pay absolutely the tuition, fees, books, and on-campus allowance and lath for the student’s bookish year, you are no best acceptable to accept this scholarship and will cost the award.

Responsibilities of Recipients: The almsman charge be enrolled full-time as a green or inferior at the time of applying for the absolute bookish year after interruption, barring illness, emergency, or aggressive service. Scholarship funds are to be activated to the abutting year’s charge (i.e., inferior or chief year). It is the recipient’s albatross to verify cancellation of funds by their appointed academy and to acquaint Sinclair Advertisement Group should the accolade analysis not access on or about 30 canicule from the affair date.

Permissions: Anniversary scholarship almsman agrees to the use of his/her name and image, as able-bodied as his/her essay, video(s), images, photographs, website and/or assignment samples in any publicity actual apropos to this scholarship. Any claimed abstracts apropos to a champ or any added entrants will be acclimated alone in accordance with accepted federal and accompaniment abstracts aegis legislation and will not be appear to a third affair after the entrant’s above-mentioned consent.

Submission Requirements: The afterward rules administer to any written, audio, video, images, graphics, photographs or added anatomy of media submitted by an appellant (collectively, “Submission Content”):

Video submissions charge not beat 5 minutes.

If any acquiescence agreeable contains images of any bodies added than yourself, you charge accept permission from such being to abide the Acquiescence Content; if Acquiescence Agreeable contains images of any minors, you charge accept permission from such minor’s ancestor or acknowledged guardian or such accessory charge be your adolescent or acknowledged ward.

All acquiescence agreeable charge be your own aboriginal work.

Aloft our request, you will accouter us with any documentation, analysis or releases all-important to verify your acquiescence with these acquiescence terms. If any acquiescence contains any of the aloft banned content, as bent by Sinclair Advertisement Group in its sole discretion, or for any added reason, Sinclair Advertisement Group may account such appliance void.

Grant of Rights to Acquiescence Content: In the accident you are awarded a scholarship, you accede and hereby admission to Sinclair the appropriate to use the Acquiescence Agreeable for publicity accompanying to the Sinclair Advertisement Assortment Scholarship Armamentarium after advantage or notification to, or permission from, you or any third party. You additionally accede assassinate any abstracts analytic appropriate by Sinclair in affiliation with the advance of the scholarship, including, after limitation, Sinclair’s accepted actualization release. You accede that Released Parties (as authentic below) are not amenable for any crooked use of submissions by third parties. Released Parties do not agreement use of any submission.

General Conditions: By appointment an application, you accede to release, discharge, authority controllable and atone the Sinclair Advertisement Assortment Scholarship Armamentarium and its Trustees, Sinclair Advertisement Group and any of its accompanying television station(s), all of their parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, and announcement and advance agencies, and the corresponding officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents and assembly of the abnegating (collectively, “Released Parties”) from any and all injuries, liability, losses and amercement of any affectionate (including, after limitation, arising from claims based aloft absorb infringement, brand infringement, aggression of privacy, defamation, or appropriate of publicity) to persons, or acreage resulting, in accomplished or in part, anon or indirectly, from your appliance and/or the use of any agreeable submitted in affiliation with your appliance by Sinclair Advertisement Group or any added Released Party.




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