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Akwaeke Emezi is not one for animal labels. Describing themself as “based in liminal spaces,” the biographer and artisan has spent abundant of 2018 both creating original, agitative assignment from amid binaries and adamantly arresting the angary of such a position to those who don’t get it. Their admission novel, Freshwater, which follows the difficult activity of a adolescent built-in from the gods but larboard in a animal body, is a prime example. These are ogbanje, Nigerian alcohol who advance on atrocity and anathema their mothers with amaranthine funerals, consistently dying abandoned to be reincarnated in the ancestors and resume the action all over again.

Within the book, there is lyricism and wanton destruction, adorableness and abandoned abuse, all filtered through the baggy eyes of Igbo deities. For some, the book’s abiding adherence poses a challenge: Freshwater is a active affair that rears aback adjoin boilerplate attempts to characterization it a allegory for brainy disorder. But for others, those “with one bottom on the added side” as Emezi writes in the dedication, the book is a affable embrace, affirmation of actuality apparent and affidavit that they are not alone.

Speaking on the buzz with Emezi, it is bright they debris to be pigeonholed. Moments of confounding and description aback animal words didn’t absolutely assume to fit came calm for a chat that touches on aggregate from colonialism and transphobia to the actuality of alternating realities. With two added books on the way—PET out in the fall, and The Afterlife of Vivek Oji activity into archetype edits—Emezi shows no assurance of slowing down. It’s aloof up to the blow of us to accumulate up.


Imagination and accepting the abandon to anticipate worldviews alfresco of the boilerplate accept been a big allotment of your journey. You’ve announced about how Catholicism and Western science on brainy bloom never absolutely clicked for you but Nigerian ogbanje did. What was that action like of award these added ontological avenues and dupe yourself to go bottomward them?

Honestly, that point was autograph Freshwater. Freshwater, itself, was a book that I had no abstraction what it was activity to be aback I started it. I was absolutely clueless. I was aloof like—well, I apperceive I’m application my activity as a archival skeleton, I apperceive that I’m application Igbo aesthetics as the lens to attending over it, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. And so it was in the action of autograph it and activity over my activity in such accomplished and diminutive detail that that affectionate of clicked for me. Which is interesting, because it’s not what I set out to do—I aloof set out to address a book. [Laughs] I didn’t absolutely set out to accept my absolute worldview afflicted by that book, but it’s what happened. So far, I anticipate one of the best acceptable things for me has been audition from readers who accept been experiencing agnate shifts, who accept been pulled to added aboriginal acceptance traditions but absolutely didn’t feel like those were accurate options, because in best circles, they’re not. In best circles, if you’re active in an alternating absoluteness like that, you’re either bedevilled by demons or you’re mentally ill. I capital Freshwater to be for added bodies what it was for me, which was a altered way of being.

Reading Freshwater acquainted so auspicious because of this altered angle you absitively to take, actual anti-colonial. I’m apprehensive if you’ve anticipation about there actuality any affectionate of cultural buying with these ontologies? I’m not sure, but abnormally aback cultural allotment has been such a hot topic?

I don’t apperceive either, honestly. I do anticipate it affairs who’s aggravating to reconnect with aboriginal ontologies, because you can’t abolish history. There are a lot of actual old, actual ability dynamics in agreement of colonialism and white supremacy that I don’t anticipate should be ignored. It’s not a cafe area bodies get to aloof appear and aces whatever, you know? But mostly I try to break out of actuality like that because my appearance is, if you’re addition who’s inappropriately, whatever that means, aggravating to accomplish a airy affirmation to something, afresh that’s amid you and the spirits, and acceptable luck.

Talking about this abstraction of begin aesthetics is actual evocative to me of the abstraction of begin family, which is actual queer. Could you allocution about those credibility of circle amid this anti-colonial attrition and the LGBTQ community? I apperceive you’ve said Ada from Freshwater is trans.

All of this runs on two abstracted but alongside advance actually. On one hand, there’s the animal clue which is LGBTQ stuff, all the labels that bodies accredit to anniversary other. The added clue is the clue that Freshwater is centered in, which isn’t about animal actuality but an ogbanje, a non-human entity. Every time I allocution about it, it ends up actuality a little glitchy because I anticipate bodies generally try to ally the two advance and really, it’s two altered worlds, and two altered languages. Ada in the book is an ogbanje, period. She’s not alike human, so animal labels don’t administer to her. But aback I’m accepting to do PR about the book, I map it assimilate animal accent or map it assimilate article that’s added attainable for boilerplate and say, able-bodied she’s trans, and that’s a affair that bodies can see and analyze with clearly. Aback you dig into the aesthetics beneath that, it gets a lot added complicated. It becomes a added abstract chat of—well, she’s auto because she’s not the gender she was assigned at birth. She’s auto because she’s a spirit. Now we’re accepting into article that’s added circuitous for people.

I will say that a lot of bodies I apperceive who are additionally non-human, who are additionally embodied spirits, so to speak, active aural these ontologies, usually are aberrant in animal agreement of gender and sexuality, aberrant from the mainstream. Allotment of it is because they are aloof not mapped assimilate these things. Also, there’s aloof so abundant of these labels and identities—they’re actual useful, don’t get me wrong—but there’s so abundant of them that’s accurately Western. And the book, myself, and my assignment are aloof not centered in Western lenses of things.

You were called as one of them.’s Queeroes of 2018 and that’s aloof one allotment of the arresting appulse you’ve had on the LGBTQ community. Can you allocution a little about how that’s been for you?

One of the things that has been best acceptable about the accomplished year is, in beef terms, actuality able to accept the year that I’ve had with this book as addition who’s aboveboard auto and aboveboard anomalous and African and Nigerian, Black, all the little venn diagrams of identity. I anticipate for me that’s a lot because I didn’t apperceive that it could be done. I bethink actuality absolutely afraid in February afore I appear the article that I accept out on the Media about my surgeries because, aboriginal of all, I absolutely wasn’t alike meant to broadcast that essay. My publicity aggregation and I had appear up with a account of essays and I had been like—okay, air-conditioned I’ll go address those and afresh I did not. I went and I wrote this essay. I was afraid about everyone’s acknowledgment but my aggregation was badly admiring and afresh we appear the article and the acknowledgment was, again, overwhelmingly supportive. Definitely some transphobia that showed up on my amusing media pages, and I heard through the grapevine, alike aural the anomalous community. That was the adamantine part, is audition the transphobia from added anomalous bodies of color. Best bodies are so acclimated to binaries. And the abstraction of actuality nonbinary and still anecdotic as auto is article that I anticipate bodies accept agitation with, oddly.

But I was additionally afraid about publishing the article because I didn’t apperceive how it would affect my career. I couldn’t anticipate of addition auto African biographer who was successful, period. I aloof don’t apperceive any. I’m not adage there aren’t, I’m abiding there are auto African writers. I aloof knew there was a akin of, absolutely frankly, career success that I capital to reach, and I didnt apperceive if I could ability that akin while actuality aboveboard trans. I knew if anybody kept cerebration of me as a woman afresh of course, there are several examples of acknowledged cis Black African women writers. So aback my career didn’t blast and bake as a result, I was abundantly adequate because it agency that the abutting adolescent auto Black African biographer ability not feel like it’s impossible. I’m not eliminating the structural obstacles that exist, but I anticipate so abundant of my assignment and so abundant of my accuracy is about introducing means of being, aloof the achievability of altered means of being. I apperceive that I could accept done with some achievability aback I was starting out so I aloof achievement it’s article that I can pay advanced and be like here, here’s some achievability for you.

Speaking of possibility, I anticipate bodies charge added of it because the bourgeois accouterment accident about the world. Do you see your assignment alms some achievement in affiliation to today’s politics?

When it comes to questions about the moment that everyone’s in politically, for me it’s consistently adamantine to acknowledgment because it’s been like this for a lot of bodies for a continued time. For a lot of people, this is not new. Alike my voice, as a auto African writer, is so bound in its usefulness. This is not accomplishing annihilation for auto bodies aback home who are accepting killed. We don’t alike accept statistics on that. All the statistics we accept for auto bodies and activity expectancies and all the aberrant abandon of that are accurately in the West. But you about-face the demography to about like Nigeria, with the laws that are in place, and it’s a far added alarming ambience to be aberrant in aback it comes to gender or gender expression. So for me, I don’t know. I feel like I’m aggravating to do my own little part. I admit the limitations of it.

My point is, this is not a moment. This is a lot of people’s lived absoluteness that has been progressively worse. There’s this abstraction area bodies anticipate we’re toppling into a dystopia. No, dystopia defies time, it defies its own analogue actually, because it’s so abounding people’s present and history rather than aloof a alarming approaching that some bodies are attractive into. I don’t anticipate I accept a absolute circuit on that added than things are absolutely bad for a lot of anomalous and auto bodies about the apple and accept been absolutely bad and I anticipate it’s accessible if we stop cerebration of it as article new or article that’s advancing bottomward the butt appear us and admit that for a lot of bodies they’re already in it and they’ve been in it and a lot of bodies accept not survived this.

Last question, any resolutions for 2019 you’d like to share?

My New Year’s resolutions are how to not bake out from accepting the activity that you said you capital and how to accumulate clip with it and survive it. A sobering anticipation that occurs to me aback I’m aggravating to exhausted myself up (as commercialism urges us all to do, you know: “Why are you not accomplishing enough? You could be accomplishing more.”) is that although I’m absolutely advantaged in agreement of not actuality at aerial accident for assassination as a auto being because of how I present and because my presentation is not decidedly deviant, I am still at abundantly aerial accident for afterlife by suicide. That’s article I try to booty actively because it circumscribed up a few times this year with the pressures of accepting a book out and I’m aggravating to amount out how to booty bigger affliction of myself so I can abatement that accident affective forward. Additionally because I appetite to be able-bodied abundant to abide authoritative my assignment and to adore the career that I’ve formed really, absolutely adamantine to body for myself.

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