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Freddy David, 49, used his acceptable acceptability aural the Jewish association to advertise non-existent opportunities to his clients

A top banking adviser who blanket about £15 actor from his investors to augment his coffer addiction and pay for his children’s clandestine academy fees has been confined for six years.

Freddy David, 49, of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, acclimated his acceptable acceptability aural the Jewish association as managing administrator of HBFS Abundance Administering to advertise non-existent opportunities to his clients, abrogation some aged investors advertent suicide.

David, who is affiliated to a administrator of the Conservative Affair Activity Forum and a above Tory Aldermanic candidate, claimed the schemes were backed by the Coffer of Scotland and Barclays but he was absolutely ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’, Southwark Crown Cloister heard.

David pleaded accusable to one calculation of artifice by corruption of position and one calculation of accepting a money alteration by deception.

He was bedevilled to four years for the aboriginal calculation and six years for the additional to be served concurrently.

David was additionally banned from acting as a aggregation administrator for 10 years.

He lives in a £1million alone abode in Elstree, Hertfordshire. The father-of-three formed as a accumulated administrator at the Knightsbridge annex of Barclays afore abutting HBFS in 2000.

He acclimated allotment of an £80,000 advance from one victim to set up a restaurant alleged Let’s Meat, accomplish mortgage and academy fees payments, appointment Greece and Israel and augment his coffer addiction.

Another victim said that David’s abomination had larboard him advertent suicide.

David gave £2,000 to the Harrow West Conservative Affair in 2013. Pictured: Then-Tory baton David Cameron with David’s wife, Hannah, in 2015

After his arrest he told police: ‘I am accessible adversary cardinal one in the Jewish association and understandably so, I accept actual actual few accompany larboard and I accept why.’

Prosecutor Jonathan Polnay said David had baseborn a absolute of £14,545,594 from 55 audience over ten years.

But the Ponzi arrangement helped to armamentarium an online coffer addiction which saw him draft £15.6m on activity websites amid January 2005 and November 2017 – including £240,000 in a distinct day.

Mr Polnay said: ‘This actor was the managing administrator of HBFS, a aggregation that provided abundance administering and banking advice.

‘The actor abused his position to advertise advance articles that artlessly did not exist.

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‘The actor did not advance the money on annual of his applicant at all – he artlessly transferred it to his own annual area it was spent.’

David handed his audience a affected certificate, which falsely declared that their investments had been made.

Mr Polnay said: ‘Some of the victims accustomed money in acknowledgment for their non-existent investments but in absoluteness it was advancing from added investors – it was annexation Peter to pay Paul.’

David had abutting the abundance administering aggregation in 2000 afterwards a assignment at Barclay’s afore affairs it out from the antecedent buyer in 2005.

In aloof four years he had angled the about-face of the business, admired at amid £14 and £16 million.

Mr Polnay said the fraudster had gambled about £36,000 aloof a few canicule afore he was assuredly arrested.

Southwark Crown Cloister heard how one victim absent £300,000 of accumulation to Freddy David and advised suicide

He additionally transferred his mother about £176,000 while beneath analysis by the police.

Victim Leon Winsky said afterwards the audition he absent £300,000 of accumulation to David and advised suicide.

Mr Winsky formed from the age of 14 up until retirement at 66.

‘Freddy David has destroyed my family,’ he said. ‘I formed continued hours over fifty years, I anticipation I would go to an honest Jewish banking advisor.’

He explained that aback he begin out about the fraud, he was so addled that he advised killing himself.

‘My aboriginal anticipation was suicide but aloof as I was about to jump in advanced of a alternation I absitively to face him in cloister instead.

‘The money invested in Freddy David was eventually activity to go appear a collapsed for my appropriate needs son Jonathan.

‘We now alone accept two commons a day instead of three. For the time actuality we are managing to survive on my baby pension.’

Winsky went on to acquaint them cloister how he acclimated to advance at an aged affliction home – singing archetypal songs from his adolescence with the association to accumulate their alcohol up, but, he said, ‘since actuality fabricated broke by Freddy David I no best ambition to sing.’

My aboriginal anticipation was suicide but aloof as I was about to jump in advanced of a alternation I absitively to face him in cloister instead

Leon lives in Wembley with his wife and disabled son.

David took £80,000 from addition victim, Levana Elyahou, of which he spent £14,768 on a creating restaurant alleged Let’s Meat, £14,000 on gambling, £7,000 on mortgage repayments and £4,801 on academy fees repayments.

He additionally spent £3,690 on a cruise to Israel as able-bodied as spending on a cruise to Greece.

Defence admonition Andrew Trollop QC said David had absent £11m on coffer over the aftermost 14 years.

He told the court: ‘Over a aeon of fourteen years over 10,395 coffer affairs took place. That’s to say there was coffer everyday, alert a day. Bets placed with over ninety-six coffer companies spending about £17 actor – he absent £11 actor on gambling.’

Mr Trollop said David was ‘an accustomed fraudster who was on the one duke burglary clients’ money and on the added duke managing his clients’ money responsibly and honestly.’

The advocate added: ‘He does accept a abysmal faculty of abashment for what he has done and is appropriately acutely apologetic for it.

Funded affair as wife stood to be an MP

David’s wife Hannah pictured with above Tory prime abbot David Cameron

Fraudster Freddy David donated bags of pounds to the Tories while active his Ponzi scheme.

David gave £2,000 to the Harrow West Conservative Affair in 2013.

Between 2013 and 2015, his business HBFS Banking Casework handed over £9,685 in banknote to the party.

HBFS additionally provided staffing abutment admired at £2,000, and administering casework annual £4,000. There is no advancement the donations to the affair were affiliated to actionable activity. David’s wife Hannah was a Conservative councillor in Hertsmere and stood bottomward from the board to run as the Conservatives’ Aldermanic applicant for Harrow West in 2015 and 2017.

She is currently listed as a administrator of the Conservative Affair Activity Forum – which claims to accept ‘a absolute band to the Prime Minister’s activity unit’.

‘He, of course, knew all or abounding of his abounding audience and knows alone too able-bodied how clumsily he has let them down.’

David captivated 75 per cent of the aggregation while his wife, Hannah David, endemic 25 per cent.

She is a administrator at the Conservative Affair Activity Forum and has ahead been a Tory aldermanic candidate.

Judge Deborah Taylor told him: ‘You took their money and gambled it abroad at the coffer – you took advantage of your acceptability aural the community.

‘The aggregation was allotment of the FT 100 best acknowledged managers for several years.

‘You approved to avoid off the adventitious of analysis by advantageous aback investments with added clients’ money. Your abomination has caused, not alone loss, but anguish to many.

‘I accept taken into all that has been said on your behalf. There is no agnosticism that you accept absent your acceptability and your business and that your accept suffered ostracisation from your community.’

She went on to explain that the artifice had been affronted by the actuality that 55 investors were defrauded for over a aeon of ten years.

Speaking afterwards the trial, victim Shiri Koren said: ‘That man is not aloof deceitful, he’s evil. All of this has put his ancestors to shame.’

Freddy David told barter that their money would be bound up in a high-interest coffer annual for years

She explained that her father, who had invested with David, was clumsy to abounding because he was bed-bound due to assorted sclerosis.

The ancestors was now clumsy to pay for the two physiotherapy sessions he had anniversary anniversary above-mentioned to the artifice because of the abomination of the banking accident incurred.

Detective ambassador Mark Forster said: ‘Today’s book reflects the severity of the fraud, it should serve as a admonishing to those who anticipate they could get abroad with these scams.

‘The artifice had been activity on for in balance of ten year and we were afraid that it wasn’t best up but Freddy David was actual acceptable at ambuscade it.’

Katie Watkins of City of London Badge said: ‘This artifice has acquired cogent affecting ache and banking abuse to the victims involved, abounding of whom invested their activity accumulation in HBFS.

‘David was a well-respected affiliate of his association who exploited his position as a managing administrator of a recommended banking advising close to accretion assurance from biting investors.

‘Some victims are retired and are not in a position to balance the money lost.’

The aboriginal £50,000 of clients’ banknote is adequate beneath the Banking Casework Compensation Scheme, and any money larboard in HBFS will additionally accept been broadcast to audience as the close was anguish up.

David was declared broke aftermost ages and abounding of his victims are anticipation to accept been saddled with all-inclusive losses that they can never recover. The badge analysis began afterwards the Banking Conduct Authority noticed apprehensive activity in David’s coffer accounts.

FCA administration administrator Mark Steward said they would ‘be accustomed out its own administration activity adjoin David on the aback of the bent confidence to anticipate him alive in banking casework again’.

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