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Sit bottomward with Troy Clarke, Navistar’s admiral and arch controlling officer, to allocution about annihilation and aggregate from Navistar’s action for avaricious added bazaar allotment to developing next-gen barter accessories to the advance abeyant of Navistar banal and it all comes aback to a distinct simple statement: “Helping our barter accomplish added money.”

“Let’s allocution about electric vehicles,” Troy says as he flips a area of cardboard blowzy with thoughts and talking credibility to the bare ancillary and starts alive through the numbers. “The bread-and-butter archetypal of a truck, today, is: ‘Here’s the acquirement price, here’s a absolute amount of operation, and here’s your balance value.’”

He bound scrawls the ROI of automatic chiral transmissions (AMTs) as an archetype of a contempo barter technology that has assuredly acquired accumulation acceptance with 80% body ante above all OEMs.

“I acquaint barter that an AMT is activity to save them 1% ammunition economy, and acceptance still took a decade because we had to get trucks through a four-year cycle. Fleets capital to see how abundant of their antecedent advance they additionally got aback on the acclimated market. It’s an absorbing technology that basically took two cycles—eight years—to get to the analytical accumulation and hit a angled point.

“All right, so aback to an electric truck.” He draws addition ROI adding cavalcade abutting to the AMT cavalcade and labels it “Electric Vehicle.” But area the AMT cavalcade had adamantine budgetary costs, Troy fills the Electric Vehicle cavalcade with a lot of catechism marks.

“Now we’re talking about a acquirement amount that’s decidedly higher…”

Question mark.

“…with the apprehension of an operating amount that could be decidedly lower, bold it fits what you’re aggravating to do. If I accept to accept a disciplinarian sitting abutting to the barter while it’s activity through a four-hour charge, again that apparently doesn’t fit a fleet’s model.”

Question mark.

“Then, we accept the aftermost two questions: What’s the balance amount of a truck, and what’s the affairs cycle? Do you still plan on affairs your rig in four years? What if the amount of an electric tractor was $250,000, but the operating costs were 50% lower, and it fit into your business model? What if the aliment amount was beneath because there are beneath affective pieces; would you accumulate it for 10 years?

“That’s what we accept to amount out.”

Lesson 1: Affective forward


Navistar’s angle on arising technologies is conceivably the best nuanced in the industry. The variables that apogee electric trucks, automatic active systems and above are hauntingly agnate to the unknowns of the backward 2000s SCR/EGR era—environmental-driven technology development, alteration accessories operations, and a abeyant appulse on the account costs and processes. After its EGR missteps, the architect clawed its way aback to advantage aftermost year and isn’t acceptable to balloon the acquaint of the past.

Troy believes that advantage could accept happened sooner, but Navistar fabricated the accommodation to advance in the development of new articles that accept formed out over the accomplished two years. The brace of International’s absolute calendar that included new bounded booty (RH Series) and long-haul (LT Series) models culminated in its attack into the Class 4 bazaar with the CV Series and included a new agent with the 12.4-liter A26. Troy is focused on befitting the drive affective forward.

“There’s a transformation that has taken abode actuality at Navistar because we don’t absorb all of our time talking about and managing issues from the past,” he says confidently. “We are a aggregation that, let me aloof say this boldly, we accept the befalling to bifold our bazaar share. We accept a history of accepting been much, abundant higher, and we absent bisected of our bazaar allotment in the aftermost four or bristles years. No added aggregation in the trucking industry in America today has the befalling to bifold their bazaar share. They haven’t had the affectionate of issues that we’ve had to accord with. If they could bifold their bazaar share, they apparently would’ve by now. Some of them acquired bazaar share, maybe at our expense, but we accept the befalling to get that back.”

So how is Navistar activity to do that?

Lesson 2: Targeted tactics

There are two capital covering pole access that Troy identifies as bazaar share-gaining drivers: uptime and absorption on customers’ segments, as against to artefact segments. While the absolute industry is focused on uptime, Navistar’s accessible belvedere telematics and alien affection platform, OnCommand Connection, enables a agile to accompany all of its trucks beneath one OEM-backed telematics dashboard.

“The adeptness of advice is that it’s the adeptness to accomplish decisions afore they’re affected aloft you. That adequacy abandoned can advice decidedly lower costs or advance the uptime of a fleet,” Troy says. “A baby agile ability not accept a being attractive at a dashboard all day. OnCommand Connection can automate that action so that you get notifications through your corpuscle phone.”

Moving forward, amalgam account abstracts and architecture a aliment history is the abutting footfall in accouterment added uptime. The ambition is to accommodate afterimage into the account needs of the barter to apperceive that if you’re acclimation a battery-related affair for the third time at a third account location, again you accept afterimage into that and do a able root-cause assay that additionally leverages the data. After accession that data, Navistar will be able to abutment its OnCommand Connection Live Action Plans, a affection that aims to adumbrate back a allotment is activity to abort afore it absolutely does.

The additional tactic is chump segmentation—that agency developing a added faculty of the customer’s needs and challenges and again presenting solutions.

“We accept to accept how the economics of our barter work,” Troy explains. “What I absolutely appetite to apperceive is how I can advice my chump accomplish added money by affairs a barter from me rather than addition else. Again we can advance a apartment of business practices. It’s the old business adage: ‘Product, Place, Price, Promotion.’ We put a plan calm that integrates all four of those things, and we’re accepting success with it.”

Troy’s focus is to advance a added accord with his barter with the ambition of acceptable an accessories consultant, which leads us to the third lesson.

RELATED: Hear what Troy Clarke has to say about Navistar’s cardinal accord with Traton Group here.

Lesson 3: Trucking takes trust


In-development barter technology grabs lots of headlines. Data-driven solutions are talked about in sweeping, business-changing ways. Efficiency gains, absolute amount of ownership, acknowledgment on investment—there is no curtailment of talking credibility in the industry, but at the end of the day, you accept to be able to assurance the being you’re alive with on the added end of the table, buzz or screen. To accomplish the accessories solutions of tomorrow work, Troy knows that it is activity to booty accord and a abysmal alternate assurance with customers.

“This is the abundant affair about our industry—it recognizes the role of analysis and feedback, abnormally ample fleets,” he says. “Many of them accept their own engineers who are alive on specs and optimization, and aggravating to acquisition trucks that they feel are alluringly ill-fitted to them; we can accept those discussions at assorted levels of the organization.”

Troy credibility to automatic active systems as an archetype of a technology that’s growing by leaps and bounds, but poses affluence of challenges:

“Think about the apprehension of an automatic truck. Back I attending automatic active technology, appropriate now, it’s a appealing animal force approach. Yeah, there is AI that developers are testing, and testing, and testing; observing, and observing, and celebratory to actualize AI profiles. At the end of the day, that arrangement needs to be chip into not aloof the truck, but it additionally needs chip into the busline system.

“But the absolute catechism is,” he pauses aloof continued abundant to let the moment adhere in anticipation, “how does it fit into the fleet’s business model? We’re activity to go through the cycles of acquirements to accept how these things appulse our customers, and we’re activity to go through these cycles together. We’ll apprentice what the absolute absolute operating costs are.

“And the air-conditioned affair is, as we’re in this aeon of advance [at Navistar]. We accept one of the most, if not the most, abreast artefact lineups in the bazaar today with the advantages and affairs credibility that abutment our admiration to access bazaar allotment and revenue. That will advice actualize actor value, and acquiesce us to agreement and advance in technologies like electric trucks.

“Hey,” he says through a growing smile, “don’t you adulation it back a plan comes together?”

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