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If you adhesive formatted ethics into a corpuscle with accession activated format, the pasted architecture wins. It’s an abnormal behavior that best of us don’t expect. Why architecture a corpuscle if it can be so calmly undermined? That’s the botheration Aditee ran into with a broadcast Excel template. In this article, we’ll altercate the botheration and two simple solutions—neither of them perfect.

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I’m application Excel 2016 (desktop) on a Windows 10 64-bit system. You can assignment with your own abstracts or download the affirmation .xlsx, .xls, and .cls files. The aboriginal band-aid works in Excel’s browser edition; the VBA action doesn’t.

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The problem: Excel adhesive assignment overwrites destination cell’s format

Aditee collects abstracts from several altered vendors, who use an Excel template. Back entering date values, the template’s formatting accommodates the YYYY-MM-DD format—it works as expected. On the added hand, back accession pastes a date value, Excel ignores the destination cell’s format, application the formatting from the aboriginal source—not what users expect. Aditee wants an automatic action that will acquaint users back they access abstracts in the amiss format.

There are lots of appearance you ability consider. Abstracts validation can adios non-date entries, but I’ve yet to appear up with a blueprint that additionally rejects date ethics that don’t fit a specific architecture because the basal amount is a date consecutive value. For example, Excel food May 10, 2018 as 43230, behindhand of its format. You can change the cell’s architecture to argument and use a custom aphorism to bolt cord ethics that don’t bout the architecture you want, but the inherent botheration still exists: Back the user pastes a accurate date value, Excel accepts it as a date value—and your abstracts validation aphorism is out the window. You ability try accumulation appearance such as abstracts validation and codicillary formatting, but again, Excel ignores your best efforts back a user pastes a accurate date value. If you’re activity to acquiesce users to adhesive values, you charge alternation them to adhesive alone the values.

To allegorize this problem, let’s assignment through a quick example. Figure A shows the YYYY-MM-DD custom format. Behindhand of how you access the date May 10, 2018, Excel displays it as 2018-5-4, as apparent in Figure B. Try it yourself a few times.

Figure AApply a custom architecture to affectation dates in YYYY-MM-DD format.Figure BThe custom architecture at work.

However, if you adhesive a abnormally formatted date, Excel accepts the antecedent formatting. To added complicate the situation, Excel changes the architecture of the ambition corpuscle to that of the pasted value! In added words, afterwards pasting the amount in Date-formatted C4 into the Custom-formatted B4, B4’s architecture matches that of C4—B4 is now a Date-formatted corpuscle instead of a Custom-formatted cell, as you can see in Figure C.

Figure CPasting usurps the ambition cell’s format. Band-aid 1: Alternation the users

The easiest way about this botheration is to use Excel’s Adhesive Ethics advantage to adhesive alone the values. Let’s use the aforementioned archetype to allegorize how this simple affection works:

If you’re afterward along, columnist Ctrl z to disengage the aftermost paste. With C4 selected, columnist Ctrl c to archetype the date amount to the Clipboard. Baddest B4, but don’t columnist Ctrl v to adhesive the amount as you commonly would. Instead, accept Ethics from the Adhesive dropdown (Figure D) in the Clipboard accumulation (on the Home tab). Figure DPaste Ethics copies alone the value, so the ambition cell’s architecture retains intact.

Users ability acquisition it easier to use the Adhesive Options button instead:

Repeat footfall 2 above. Baddest B4 and columnist Ctrl v as you commonly would. Back Excel displays the Adhesive Options button, bang the dropdown, and accept Ethics (Figure E). Excel keeps the date amount but removes the formatting that came with it. Figure EUse the Adhesive Options button.

If the Adhesive Options button isn’t visible, do the following:

Click the Book card and baddest Options. In the larboard pane, accept Advanced. In the Cut, copy, and adhesive selection, analysis the Show Adhesive Options button back agreeable is pasted option. Bang OK.

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Solution 2: Use VBA, with a bit of caution

If you can’t await on users, you can add a simple VBA action to the arrangement that you distribute. But, a little training is still in adjustment because users won’t use the accustomed adhesive routine. The aboriginal footfall is to add the action in Listing A to the template:

Press Alt F11 to accessible the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). Application the Project Explorer baddest ThisWorkbook. Access the cipher application the Workbook_SheetSelectionChange() event. Don’t archetype the cipher from this web page; the VBE won’t admit all the characters. Instead, blazon the cipher or use the ThisWorkbook.cls book provided in the affirmation download. If you’re application a award version, acknowledgment to the workbook and save the book as a macro-enabled workbook. (Figure F).

Listing A

Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Ambition As Range) On Error Resume Next Target.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues Application.CutCopyMode = True Application.CutCopyMode = FalseEnd SubFigure FYou charge save the book as a macro-enabled file.

Before you try it out, annul the capacity of B4; I appetite you to see how this works! Baddest C4 and columnist Ctrl c to archetype the date to the Clipboard. Now, bang B4—that’s it! Simply bang the destination corpuscle and the action pastes alone the date from the Clipboard into the clicked cell.

There is a bit of training for your users because the adhesive assignment is different. In addition, the SheetSelectionChange accident can apathetic things bottomward in a active workbook.

One animal ancillary aftereffect is that the action will adhesive added Clipboard capacity in adventitious ways. Although the aftermost band in the action clears the Clipboard so you can move about your area and assignment normally, it alone works in Excel. If you archetype article in accession certificate (say an accessible Word file) to the Clipboard and again acknowledgment to the Excel file, the action will archetype the (new) capacity of the Clipboard into every corpuscle you click! The alone way to stop this annoying aftereffect is to bright the Clipboard manually. (You can run an internet chase on “Clear Windows Clipboard” for added advice on that task.)

The accuracy is, it’s not an accessible action to alive with and that’s why I acclaim advantage 1. Try it if you’re brave, but don’t be afraid if users accuse and you end up reverting to band-aid 1.

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