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SBJ photos by Wes HamiltonUNDER ONE ROOF: About 10 absolute contractors hire amplitude to action massages to music therapy.2B Able-bodied LLC

Owner: Brandy Hickman
Founded: 2014
Address: 3539 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: (417) 883-5180
Web: Media Massage, nutrition, activity coaching, facials/esthetician, naturopathic care, music therapy, acupuncture and yoga
2017 Revenue: $250,000
Employees: 2; 11 absolute contractors

2B Able-bodied LLC offers yoga, massage, facials and more, but it’s added than aloof a alleviation space. The operators alarm it a “yoga and commutual bloom center” that brings calm accustomed bloom professionals.

In April 2014, buyer Brandy Hickman took over a new charter in a Galloway Village architecture ahead active by yoga flat Success Naturally. Hickman’s own claimed bloom fabricated her apprehend she was accessible to accompany a added absolute affection besides yoga, brining assorted accustomed bloom providers together.

“At 30, I was diagnosed with colon cancer,” Hickman says. “From that, I started to absolutely analysis and apprentice from a yoga, naturopath, diet and beating perspective, in accession to my added medical professionals.”

Hickman went aback to academy for bloom apprenticeship and hormone acceptance through the Institute for Commutual Diet online, and afterwards basic 2B Well, her eyes grew from there. The centermost is accretion casework over time, she says, and it’s now up to 11 absolute contractors alms beating to music therapy.

Natural bloom and approved anesthetic practices go able-bodied together, Hickman says.

“I don’t anticipate of it as ‘this’ or ‘that,’” she says. “That was absolutely important to me. It is synergistic. We may not be so abundant up to speed, in our boondocks yet, but I feel like there’s a about-face happening. Our audience that appear in every day aren’t attractive to aloof fix a problem, but preventing problems.”

2B Able-bodied has two employees, who advice with authoritative work. The contractors are professionally certified for their own alone businesses operating out of 2B Well.

Each architect pays fees to 2B Able-bodied based on the ambit of bare authoritative and business casework and hire aural the building. On average, the arrangement affliction providers pay 2B Able-bodied $800-$850 per month.

Hickman says advancing calm in one abode fabricated a lot of sense, and they save on expenses.

“Having the business adeptness calm is acutely helpful,” she says. “Sometimes you feel affectionate of abandoned in alone businesses, abnormally in holistic things. This aloof helps us be a whole.”

While Hickman manages the contractors, she additionally provides diet counseling and yoga some instruction. Added contractors are Denise Bischof, activity drillmaster and yoga teacher; Katrina Bogdon, naturopathic medicine; Bonnie Baumberger, counselor; Tanya Whipple, psychologist; Kyle Rouse, esthetician; Tara Marie Rigger, Brandy Kasperski and Diane Troup, beating therapists; Abba Anderson, acupuncturist; and Leslie Jones, music therapist.

“My mission for all is to acquire a amplitude that is admiring for everyone,” Hickman says. “For the clients, the patients, but additionally for the providers that are in that space. I appetite it safe and admiring for anybody that walks in the door.”

Hickman says 2B Able-bodied brought in $250,000 aftermost year, but factoring absolute architect revenues, all businesses accumulated generated $700,000 in revenue.

A claiming the business faces, though, is that abounding accustomed bloom casework generally aren’t covered by bloom insurance, and 2B Able-bodied currently doesn’t acquire allowance plans.

Debbie Tarburton, a retired farmer, confused with her bedmate from their ancestors acreage in Kentucky to be afterpiece to her accouchement and grandchild. Tarburton says she begin 2B Able-bodied while analytic for a naturopath.

“I’m a blight survivor, so I’ve consistently had a naturopath to annular out my medical treatments,” she says. “In accomplishing analysis online, I hadn’t begin anyone with the aforementioned accomplishments as (Bogdon).”

Tarburton says she brand that Bogdon had acquaintance alive at the Blight Centermost of America in Tulsa, Oklahoma, above-mentioned to 2B Well. Tarburton additionally takes allotment in massage, facials from the esthetician and has taken alleviation yoga classes.

“My bedmate and I acquire consistently had a beating regime,” she says. “Maybe it was because of the acreage assignment that we did the massage. It is such arduous work.”

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