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President Donald Trump acclimated his aboriginal primetime abode from the White House to alarm for Democrats to abutment spending billions to body a bank on the bound with Mexico.

With the fractional government abeyance now the second-longest in U.S. history, Trump took the abnormal footfall of speaking anon to Americans from the Oval Appointment Tuesday to columnist his case. Later in the week, he’ll appointment McAllen, Texas as well.

Democratic leaders offered their acknowledgment anon afterwards Trump’s speech.

In contempo weeks, Trump and added administering admiral accept fabricated a cardinal of claims about bound crossings and the charge for a wall.

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Here are the facts abaft several of those claims.

Claim: Actionable clearing causes agitated abomination

“Day afterwards day, adored lives are cut abbreviate by those who accept abandoned our borders,” Trump said during his address, acquainted crimes involving immigrants in contempo years. He has again this authentic affirmation back he aboriginal appear his antagonism in 2015.

Some Americans accept allegedly been assaulted, raped and murdered by immigrants who are in the country illegally — including a 33-year-old badge administrator dead the day afterwards Christmas and a 64-year-old Air Force architect who was bludgeoned to afterlife with a hammer, as accent by Trump. However, studies accept apparent that immigrants accomplish crimes beneath frequently than their American-born counterparts.

According to one appear by the CATO Institute in February of 2018, native-born citizens are added acceptable than immigrants, whether actuality accurately or illegally, to be bedevilled of a crime. For example, CATO advised 785 Texas assassination aesthetics in 2015: the confidence amount for actionable immigrants was 16% lower than that of native-born citizens. For acknowledged immigrants, the amount of confidence was 67% lower than that of their native-born counterparts.

Claim: Mexico is advantageous for the bound bank

From the moment that Trump alien his abstraction for a bound bank in his 2015 attack announcement, he followed it up with “I will accept Mexico pay for that wall.”

On Tuesday night, he again the affirmation — with a slight abuse that he has been application lately: “The bank will consistently be paid for alongside by the abundant new barter accord we accept fabricated with Mexico.”

Mexico is advantageous (indirectly) for the Bank through the new USMCA, the backup for NAFTA! Far added money advancing to the U.S. Because of the amazing dangers at the Border, including ample calibration bent and biologic inflow, the United States Military will body the Wall!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 19, 2018


However, experts say that this new affirmation is ambiguous in a cardinal of ways.

Expecting the USMCA to pay for the bound bank misses the point of the barter agreement, says Welles Orr, who formed on the aboriginal NAFTA acceding as the Assistant U.S. Barter Representative for Congressional Affairs beneath George H.W. Bush.

“Trade agreements are advised to abate authoritative hurdles,” Orr says. “Most of our tariffs are zero, or very, actual low.”

Orr says that he brand the barter acceding because it adds new accoutrement to the NAFTA acceding — such as acclamation e-commerce — and says it’s not necessarily abacus new tariffs.

And alike if it did add new tariffs, Orr added, they won’t go anon to a bank or added project. Any funds calm through a assessment would go into the U.S. Treasury armamentarium — not to a authentic project, Orr says.

“That’s not the way barter agreements work,” Orr says. “Tariffs that are calm by the U.S. Treasury would armamentarium the U.S. Treasury.”

Orr additionally addendum that the barter acceding hasn’t been ratified by the U.S., Mexico and Canada yet, and won’t be until “spring at the earliest.”

The final acceding still needs to be formally ratified by the United States, Mexico and Canada — including by the now Democrat-controlled House. Passage may be months away.

Both the new Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his antecedent are acerb adjoin the bound bank — and the political bearings in Mexico makes it actual absurd that the country would armamentarium such a wall, says Juan Carlos Hartasánchez, a barter analyst who has formed with Mexican banks and companies.

“From my position, it’s a amplitude to say the USMCA in any way would be able to armamentarium a bound wall,” Hartasánchez says.

Like the preexisting NAFTA agreement, USMCA includes portions that would account all three countries. The one aspect that could be said to advantage American manufacturers is the auto genitalia segment, which would access the arrangement of genitalia in a car that charge to be congenital in the United States, Hartasánchez says.

However, Hartasánchez argues that it’s cryptic how abundant Mexican manufacturers would absolutely be paying. Manufacturers would about assignment to abstain such a assessment by adjusting their accumulation curve — and ability canyon the amount of a assessment off to consumers.

“It’s cryptic who would pay for it. It ability be the American taxpayer, who is advantageous for a added big-ticket product,” says Hartasánchez.

Claim: A bound bank will stop the breeze of drugs into the U.S.

“Our southern bound is a action for all-inclusive quantities of actionable drugs, including meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl,” Trump said Tuesday. “Every anniversary 300 of our citizens are dead by heroin alone, 90% of which floods above from our southern border. Added Americans will die from drugs this year than were dead in the absolute Vietnam War.”

Trump’s affirmation that 90% of heroin comes from the southern bound appears to be accurate. Then-Assistant Secretary of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs William Brownfield told reporters in 2017 that 90 to 94% of heroin captivated in the United States today comes from Mexico.

However, the all-inclusive majority of heroin that crosses over from Mexico is banned through acknowledged ports of access – not in the abandoned genitalia of the bound that the bank would occupy, according to the U.S. Biologic Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) 2018 National Biologic Threat Assessment.

“A baby allotment of all heroin bedeviled by [Customs and Bound Protection agents] forth the acreage bound was amid Ports of Entry,” the DEA wrote.

“The majority of the [heroin] breeze is through [private vehicles] entering the United States at acknowledged ports of entry, followed by tractor-trailers, breadth the heroin is co-mingled with acknowledged goods.”

Claim: ‘Much of the wall’ has already been congenital

Ten canicule into the shutdown, Trump tweeted that America should accomplishment architecture a bank at the U.S.-Mexico bound because abundant of the bank is already complete. On addition occasion, Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden that “we aloof accomplished aboriginal walls” in San Diego and added genitalia of California.

Mexico is advantageous for the Bank through the new USMCA Barter Deal. Abundant of the Bank has already been absolutely adapted or built. We accept done a lot of work. $5.6 Billion Dollars that House has accustomed is actual little in allegory to the allowances of National Security. Quick payback!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2019


While there are some barrier structures forth the southern border, no new structures accept been congenital back Trump took office. The “brand-new walls” in California Trump was referencing were alone renovations of absolute infrastructure. Furthermore, while the southern bound is about 2,000 afar long, accepted structures band alone 654 afar of the border, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. During his 2016 campaign, Trump adumbrated he capital the bank to band 1,000 afar of it.

Claim: ‘Nearly 4,000 accepted or doubtable terrorists’ approved to cantankerous the Southern bound

At a Rose Garden columnist appointment on Friday, Trump said terrorists appear to the United States by way of the southern bound because it’s the easiest abode to enter. “We accept terrorists advancing through the southern bound because they acquisition that’s apparently the easiest abode to appear through,” he told reporters.

Over the advance of the aftermost week, both White House Columnist Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Vice Admiral Mike Pence claimed about 4,000 accepted or doubtable terrorists were begin aggravating to access the United States. Sanders alike said the southern bound was the “most accessible point of entry.”

Both of these claims are ambiguous at best. NBC appear Monday that alone six immigrants whose names were on a federal watch account of accepted or doubtable terrorists were begin by Customs and Bound Protection agents at ports of access forth the U.S.-Mexico bound in the aboriginal bisected of budgetary year 2018, according to CBP abstracts provided to Congress in May.

Additionally, the Administering of Homeland Aegis asserts it chock-full about 3,700 individuals on the agitator watch account from entering the United States in budgetary year 2017, but that represents all bodies on the watch account aggravating to access illegally, not aloof ones who came by way of the U.S-Mexico border. The administering itself additionally addendum the southern bound is not the archetypal aisle of entry.

“Most of these individuals are aggravating to access the U.S. by air,” a DHS fact-sheet reads.

Another amount that has been acclimated to altercate bound crossings is the cardinal of “special-interest aliens” aggravating to access forth the southern border. The Administering of Homeland Aegis asserts added than 3,000 of these individuals were chock-full in the breadth aftermost year, but a above clearing official tells TIME the appellation is not at all alike with “suspected terrorist.”

Theresa Cardinal Brown, who acclimated to assignment for both Customs and Bound Protection and Homeland Aegis says “special-interest alien” is a appellation that “has not been clearly authentic by the government, but as usually used, is meant to beggarly bodies that are called for added analysis because they are either from a country that is accepted to accept agitator action in the country or agitator sponsors.” It can additionally be acclimated to accredit to bodies who accept alone catholic to or from some of those countries, she says.

Claim: Democrats acicular an beforehand clearing accommodation

On Dec. 27, 2018, Trump claimed the Democrats and the courts “obstructed” a accord that would accept traded ameliorate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals affairs (DACA) in barter for bound bank funding.

The acumen the DACA for Bank accord didn’t get done was that a antic cloister accommodation from the 9th Circuit accustomed DACA to remain, thereby ambience up a Supreme Cloister case. Afterwards ruling, Dems alone accord – and that’s breadth we are today, Democrat obstruction of the bare Wall.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 27, 2018


But that’s not a fair representation of what happened, according to experts. Trump concluded the DACA program, which accustomed some accouchement who were brought to the United States illegally as accouchement to adjournment deportations and become acceptable for work, in September 2017. He gave Congress a six-month window to actualize a aldermanic fix for the affairs that was ambrosial to both sides.

Last year, the White House and Democrats had discussed a accommodation in which Trump would get allotment for bound aegis and DACA would be saved. But in Jan. 2018, a federal adjudicator issued an admonition mandating DACA resumes until the Supreme Cloister can accede the case.

Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, a UCLA assistant with ability in clearing says “there was no acumen why he couldn’t cut a deal” in ablaze of the injunction.

“In fact, that’s absolutely what the Supreme Cloister is apparently activity to end up saying, that this is article that should be handled by the legislature,” Hinojosa-Ojeda said. “It wasn’t the Democratic Party who brought this case up in advanced of the 9th Circuit.”

But behindhand of the ambiguous numbers and allegations of blame, this abeyance action is about a bank that some altercate wouldn’t assignment in the aboriginal place.

“I anticipate the allotment that’s missing from a lot of this,” Brown says “is that the administering is aggravating to accomplish the case that there’s a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico bound based on all these facts. What they accept not accurate is how the architecture of a bound bank will absolutely abode those problems.”

Claim: There’s a crisis on the bound because of a historically aerial amount of crossings

Trump and associates of the Administration, including Pence and Homeland Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, accept again referred to the bearings at the bound as a “crisis.”

Last June, Nielsen compared the accepted bearings at the bound to 2017 in a columnist briefing, acquainted that the accepted breeze of migrants is “multiples” above aftermost year.

“In the aftermost three months, we accept apparent actionable clearing on our southern bound beat 50,000 bodies anniversary month,” Nielsen said.

More bodies were, in fact, apprehended at the Southwest bound in 2018 compared to the antecedent year. According to U.S. Customs and Bound Protection data, added than 521,000 bodies were apprehended in compared to 416,000 in 2017 – a 23% increase.

However, this cardinal pales in allegory to apprehensions in the George W. Bush Administering – abnormally 2005 and 2006 back added than 1 actor migrants were chock-full anniversary year.

At that time, alike added migrants were apparently bridge than authorities realized. That’s because best Central Americans who accomplish the alarming expedition to the United States these canicule appetite to get caught, says Randy Capps, the administrator of analysis for U.S. programs for the Migration Policy Institute.

In the aboriginal 2000s, best migrants were Mexican men advancing to the U.S. to acquisition college advantageous jobs. Today, best migrants at the southern bound intend to about-face themselves in and administer for cover in the United States.

“Back in those days, added bodies apparently got accomplished the bound aegis than got apprehended,” Capps says. “We don’t accept that affectionate of a crisis appropriate now.”

In 2005, 86% of the apprehended migrants were from Mexico; 82% were male, and alone 18% of the migrants were beneath the age of 17, according to U.S. Customs and Bound Protection. By 2017, alone 42% of the migrants apprehended were from Mexico, with the majority of the others advancing from Central America, and added than 107,000 “family units” were apprehended.

Additionally, the bank would do annihilation to stop the cardinal one antecedent of actionable clearing to the United States, Capps says. Added than 700,000 bodies overstayed their visas in the United States in 2017, according to the Administering of Homeland Security.

A bank would additionally abort to stop the breeze of biologic trafficking, which is more advancing through acknowledged ports of entry. The best accepted approach of carriage is central commuter cartage and trucks, according to the Biologic Enforcement Administration.

The wall, Capps says, “is a band-aid to a 10-year-old problem.”

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