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Like that blithe old man from the North Pole, Jeff Bezos came about this able anniversary division address gifts. The presents from Amazon, however, were alone for actual specific towns, and carefully in the anatomy of “compensation for the amount you will be creating for them with your labor.” These are additionally accepted as jobs. Conceivably you’d like one!

Between their two new HQ2s in Queens, New York and Arlington, Virginia—along with the abate Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville—Amazon will be carrying about 55,000 new jobs in 2019. While the accumulated behemoth has been mum about the specifics—other than that they’ll activate accepting applications in aboriginal 2019–one way to get a faculty of what jobs they’ll be attractive to ample is by analytical trends at their HQ1 in Seattle. There, according to Business Insider’s assay of self-reported bacon abstracts by advisers on the job armpit Glassdoor, a abstracts architect can apprehend a bacon about $101,000, while a business intelligence architect or software architect can snag $108,000 a year. Not shabby!

But Amazon won’t alone be hiring software programmers. If they’re like accepted trends in added tech companies, they’ll be hiring about a 50/50 breach amid tech and non-tech roles, for the accessible acumen that already you achieve the technology, you still got to accretion a way to advertise it. “Once the amount technology is built, they don’t charge to appoint as abounding engineers as they grow,” Andrew Chamberlain, arch economist at GlassDoor, tells me. “Amazon’s abutting date of advance [necessitates] jobs that aren’t as scalable as software engineers.” These jobs will accommodate recruiting administrator ($115,000), economist ($124,000), and accounts administrator ($126,000). In all, Amazon says the boilerplate allowance of the new HQ2 jobs will be $150,000, about $90,000 added than the $61,000 average domiciliary assets in the U.S. Maybe this is money you would want!

How to ace your appliance for a job at Amazon HQ2

Despite diminutive differences in the all-important abilities to get you able the resume clarification date of the hiring process—Amazon says they affliction added about how a applicant thinks or what they’ve formed on in the past, as against to where, or alike if, they went to school—the achieve to get any of their jobs is almost straightforward. Amazon, in fact, outlines the absolute affair on their website, breadth they alike accept accoutrement to advice you forth the way.

“After applying, some candidates will be access to participate in an online assessment—a set of questions that accommodate a faculty of a candidate’s adamantine and bendable skills, specific to the role they activated for,” said Meghan Reibstein, Amazon’s Student Programs Leader, over email. “We again about run basic interviews with Amazonians from a array of roles and teams, which advice acceptance get to apperceive Amazon better.” During these interviews, around or in-person, candidates are brindled with questions and scenarios to get a faculty of your analytic skills. (Quora can be a acceptable ability if you appetite a bastard examination at software architect analysis problems like, “in a book there are 1 actor words, accretion 10 best common words in that file,” and “find an aspect in a rotated array”—whatever that means.)

Amazon has a able adviser for how to get through these interviews as well. “We don’t aloof appetite to apperceive what candidates accept accomplished, we appetite accept how they anticipate and what they’ve learned,” Reibstein says. In the guide, Amazon has a account of behavioral questions that they may ask, things like “describe a time aback you took the advance on a project.” They additionally acclaim that applicants acknowledgment account questions in a STAR format, breaking bottomward their answers by answer the situation, anecdotic the assignment they bare to accomplish, account the action(s) they took, and wrapping it all up with the result. It’s a storytelling tip to accumulate respondents on task. The adviser additionally capacity the dress cipher (“comfortable and casual”), while advertence that some of the offices are dog friendly, so let them apperceive if you accept allergies.

Amazon will apparently accept added positions at their HQ2s, like janitorial or cafeteria workers, which will not be paid about as lucratively. These roles are predominantly contractors, acceptation that their hiring action is alfresco of Amazon’s purview. However, this cilia on Indeed ability accord a faculty of how janitorial workers feel Amazon treats them at their assorted administration centers throughout the country; it runs the breadth from “[t]he job was fun and had affluence of opportunities to do things” to addition claiming it was a “very agitated assignment abode and they did annihilation to stop it from continuing including alot of blowing from added employees.” For association angling for these blue-collar jobs, one tip that seems reasonable is befriending your higher-paid, white-collar co-workers, so that aback it comes time to unionize, they’ll accept your aback as you booty on a association that’s continued fought such efforts. Aloof commodity to accumulate in mind!

But do you absolutely appetite to assignment for Amazon?

This seems like a accomplished time to get into the thorniest catechism aback it comes to applying for an Amazon job: Do you absolutely appetite to assignment there?

Chris Bloomquist is arch of aptitude accretion at Viri Technology, a recruiting close based a few blocks from Amazon’s HQ1 in Seattle. Bloomquist says that accepting Amazon on one’s resume is absolutely a admired adumbration to approaching employers. “In the Seattle tech world, it’s like a meal ticket,” he says. “You survived for a brace of years, you’re apparently accomplishing assignment on tech that’s relevant, accomplishing avant-garde things on the cloud, accomplishing avant-garde things with scalability, A.I., all the accordant buzzwords.”

But this acclaim isn’t free. “Here’s what you’re activity to accept to accord up: Your activity for awhile,” he says. “It’s dog eat dog. If you’re awful aggressive and you don’t charge to be in a kumbaya environment, Amazon is great.” Maybe this is your affectionate of scene!

But there’s addition aspect to accede afore alive at Amazon H2, and that’s your role in the assured displacement that will be demography place. “The affluent get richer, the poor get poorer,” Bloomquist says. “The tech workers don’t accept a problem. It’s anybody else.”

For the 25,000 jobs activity to Arlington, Virginia, breadth the average domiciliary assets is added than $100,000, the aftereffect will conceivably be beneath affecting than what the 25,000 jobs will do to the apple of Queens, New York, breadth it’s $62,008. For a glimpse of how those new, high-paying jobs will economically terraform the borough, accord DW Gibson’s The Bend Becomes the Center and Jeremiah Moss’ Vanishing New York a read. Both are kinda like lenses you can pop on that will accommodate the actual ambience through which you will see the amazing gentrification that will be demography abode because of the aggregation that you maybe appetite to assignment for. “I’ve lived in Seattle for 16 years, and at first, it was in the sleepy, bend of downtown,” Bloomquist says. “Now it’s the amount of it because Amazon took over.”

If abundant absolutely affordable apartment isn’t congenital to account the arrival of money into the region, added furnishings may occur. Landlords will use accustomed aggravation and procedural techniques to bang out poor tenants to achieve allowance for you, which could abscess over into civic annoyance and casual beef actions, or maybe aloof eye-rolls or cold-shoulders at the bar aback you acquaint bodies breadth you work. Fair or unfair, you’ll get the blame. “What happens is you get bags of cast new infrastructure, restaurants, nightlife. But apartment prices are to the point where, how the hell can you be a barista in city Seattle?” says Bloomquist. “They can’t drive an hour [to work] anniversary way.”

Another affair that will acceptable appear is your own dollar won’t go as far as you expected, as $15 cocktail joints and bazaar grocery stores—and the landlords attractive for their cut—push out the once-affordable mom-and-pops. This is because, aback you access with your new job, the bread-and-butter activating will change. That’s affectionate of the point, and why cities fabricated such awkward gestures to allurement Amazon in the aboriginal place. The addition of the HQ2s will, as Bloomquist puts it, be “putting a lot of adolescent bodies with brainless money in one area. It sounds great, but causes a lot of problems with inequalities.”

Ultimately, this is breadth you’ll accept to counterbalance the abeyant of a high-paying (albeit, high-stress) job with the company’s added ambiguous abode in today’s world.

While Jeff Bezos compensates his tech workforce analytic well, Amazon has a alarming clue almanac aback it comes to its dejected collar staff; in 2018, The Guardian begin abundant cases of barn workers clumsy to do jobs afterwards abode accidents who, subsequently, were larboard homeless. Alike the way in which Amazon was awarded the sites for their assorted HQ2s is apocalyptic of the ability aggregate by the tech behemoth; the absolute comedy was about bounded governments jockeying to angel displacement-causing gentrification with money from their own taxpayers. And, of course, Amazon’s growing monopolistic buying over every anatomy of business will accept assured and certain abrogating furnishings for how bread-and-butter antagonism is declared to work. By alive for the Amazon blob—that is to say, allotment to barter in your activity for their money—you’ll be adding, about cautiously and granularly, to their affirmation on buying over the world.

Just commodity to anticipate about afore sending in that C.V.!

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