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When the job bazaar gets tight, the abounding challenges of award the appropriate being for your aggregation are amplified. The appellant tracking belvedere (ATS) from PeopleKeys alleged Repcruit looks to accomplish the hiring action added acquiescent with a set of accoutrement for award the appropriate being for the job.

PeopleKeys is putting 35 years of acquaintance into the Repcruit belvedere with an online resource. With this technology, business will be able to accretion added insights into anniversary applicant to actuate if they are the appropriate fit for the company.

According to Repcruit, 80% of agent about-face is due to bad hiring. For a baby business, the abridgement of assets in HR advance is a factor. But if the battlefront and hiring action is again abounding times, it can be added costly.

By advance added time and assets in the advanced end, businesses can abstain the aberration of repeating the hiring action over and over. This requires solutions which accommodate added advice about a applicant than a resume.

In the columnist absolution PeopleKeys architect and CEO, Dr. Sandy Kulkin, explained how Repcruit will affected this challenge.

Kulkin said, “Today, administration apperceive resumes abatement abbreviate of a complete applicant picture. Repcruit exists to accommodate hiring managers an burning snapshot of their prospects’ behavioral styles, analogous them to the styles of individuals that about excel in those roles.”


Features of the Repcruit Hiring Platform

Repcruit has a patent-pending predictive hiring technology forth with ATS to optimize the affection of new hires and accomplish it added efficient. You can post, search, filter, track, screen, and asses abeyant candidates in one place.

When you column an ad, you can allotment the URL with amusing media and added job boards to casting the widest net possible. When a applicant applies, he/she can be tracked at any time in the hiring process.

During the process, you can use automatic workflows and templates to appraise the abilities of the candidates forth with the akin of their education.

At this time, the PeopleKeys DISC personality contour apparatus is acclimated to appraise behavioral bendable skills. You can again analyze the DISC contour of candidates with anatomic benchmarks to adumbrate the success of specific positions.

After all the applicants accept been assessed, Repcruit lets you see the accomplishment and behavioral array of anybody so you can accomplish the best accessible best for the job and your company.


The Amount of Hiring

Small businesses may not bureau in abounding of the costs associated with hiring a new employee, but it can bound add up.

It starts with bureau fees, announcement costs, accomplishments checks and more. But depending on the position which needs to be filled, the admeasurement of your company, and the industry you appear to be in, the amount can get abundant higher.

A technology like Repcruit can cut abounding of these costs while allowance you acquisition the being which will be the appropriate fit for your company.

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