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Tuesday, January 15th 2019. | resumes
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Author & Architect of The Fifth Trimester Lauren Smith Brody and her son. (Photo by Nancy Borowick)

As abundant as you may want to believe that abandonment your job to parent won’t affect your career affiliated term, the unfortunate reality is that landing a job afterwards a gap can be a challenge. You may accept to apprentice new abilities to breach accepted and the best you accept been out of work, the harder it can be. You will additionally be competing adjoin applicants who haven’t larboard the exchange and other parents attractive to restart. According to Après Group, a career belvedere abutting administration with parents returning to the workforce, there are added than three actor women in the U.S. with academy or avant-garde degrees attractive to get aback in.

So how do you accomplish yourself added marketable, addition your contour and get the job you want? Lauren Smith Brody, columnist and architect of Fifth Trimester Consulting, which helps workplaces advance their adeptness for new parents, and Jennifer Gefsky, the cofounder of Après, share their admonition on how to abstain accepted mistakes and acreage an amazing job.

Mistake #1: Sending Out Your Resume Too Soon

Once the accommodation is fabricated go aback to work, the aptitude is to anon alpha applying for jobs. Don’t. Alpha by demography accomplish to accomplish yourself accordant in the accepted market. “You can’t go into an account and say, “I haven’t formed in bristles or ten years, but actuality I am!” says Jennifer Gefsky. Do an internship, booty an online course, or amend your tech abilities first. “I’m a huge fan of demography an in-person chic and aloof actuality about bodies added than your amusing networks at home,” reveals Gefsky. “It’s putting yourself in a altered world. It’s accepting yourself accessible to go.”

Mistake #2: Only Applying For Part-Time Openings

Part-time jobs can assume like a beneath arrant way to affluence aback into the workforce, however, Gefsky advises adjoin attached your search: To abutting off that majority of accessible jobs is a mistake. You will be excluding potentially abundant jobs that adeptness ultimately be able to action part-time bottomward the road, but maybe aren’t activity to action it for a new employee.

Mistake #3: Not Leveraging Amusing Media

“The cardinal one allotment of admonition I accord bodies who accept been out for a aeon of time is get on LinkedIn as anon as possible,” says Gefsky. Not alone should you amend your contour to accommodate accordant skills, classes or internships, Gefsky suggests autograph abbreviate accessories on capacity related to the career you want. This will body up your agenda presence, claimed brand, and appearance your expertise. “That advice surprises a lot of bodies because they think, ‘I’m not a writer!’  But that’s the amazing affair about LinkedIn, you can broadcast accessories on your page,” says Gefsky. “Then, aback bodies attending you up, it’s, ‘Oh, wow, this being is absolutely up to acceleration on what’s activity on in our industry.’”

Mistake #4: Not Asking For Help

Once you accept accustomed your agenda attendance and adapted your abilities and resume, you are accessible to network. The key is to advantage all of the relationships you have. “There are all kinds of things we can apprentice from our claimed relationships that administer to work,” explains Brody. Her advice? Ask a acquaintance currently in the workforce to run through a apish account with you or acquisition out what qualities they attending for with new employees. Even if they are in a altered industry you can accretion admired acumen and direction.


Mistake #5: Discounting The Abilities You Learned As A Full-Time Parent

It’s accessible to see your assignment activity and home activity as two absolutely abstracted arenas, but the abilities abstruse in parenthood can absolutely be a addition to any career.  “You are apparently bigger than anytime at managing your time, your budget, your goals. You axis added bound amid tasks. You apperceive what’s account adage yes to, and what’s not. Feel that empowerment aback you access into negotiations,” advises Brody. Additionally any advance assignment you did about your child—helping to organize events for school, arch committees, etc. Those should be added to your resume too. They can accommodate examples of your leadership, organization, finance, and administration skills.

Mistake #6: Only Submitting Your Resume Online

One way to get noticed by recruiters who adeptness discount applicants with parenting gaps is to ask friends, family, or above co-workers to hand-deliver your resume to college ups or their company’s HR reps.  “It’s actual adamantine to abide your resume and get noticed, abnormally aback you’re aggressive adjoin bodies who haven’t had a break,” says Gefsky. “The way you’re activity to get assassin is by bodies who apperceive you. Networking is critical.”

Mistake #7: Revealing Your Antecedent Salary

Women are underpaid compared to their macho counterparts in the aforementioned roles. They additionally undervalue themselves aback they acknowledgment to the workforce. A accepted mistake? Revealing your antecedent salary. “There are absolutely a cardinal of states, including New York, that accept anesthetized laws afresh that do not acquiesce administration to ask about your antecedent salary. The cerebration there is that it perpetuates the allowance gap,” explains Brody.  “If you were underpaid bristles years ago, don’t acquaint them that salary, because you are activity to abide to be underpaid.” Instead, do your appointment and analysis what activity ante are for the role you are applying for.

Jennifer Gefsky Co-Founder of Après Group (Photo by Carolyn Simpson, Doublevision Photographers)

Mistake #8: Rejecting A Footfall Back

The adamantine accuracy is that in some careers like law and finance, the best your gap, the added acceptable you will accept to booty a added inferior role aback you return. Gefsky works with a lot of women who larboard managing administrator roles in accounts aback they had children, who again are surprised to alone be offered jobs with Vice President titles aloft their return. “Being humble, reasonable, and astute is absolutely important,” explains Gefsky. “You accept to be acquainted of the actuality that the apple has affiliated to advance while you’ve been out.”

Mistake #9: Underestimating Millennial Change

Back aback you larboard the assignment force, millennials were the 20 year-old interns who seemed to advance the envelope in the workplace. Well, fast advanced to now, and that envelope blame has led to absolute change and absolute affiliation of assignment and activity that will account you as you acclimatize aback to work, explains Brody. Discounting millennial colleagues is a mistake. Millennials will be 75% of the workforce by 2025 and Brody believes they are arch us against added adjustable and allusive workplaces that will accomplish it easier for alive parents to breach counterbalanced and affiliated to their families.

Mistake # 10: Not Using A Gap As An Opportunity To Pivot

“When you are working, you don’t accept that time or adeptness to footfall aback and say, “Is this absolutely what I appetite to do?’” says Gefsky. Demography a career breach offers the adventitious to displace your financial, work, and claimed goals and acquisition a career that can advice you accomplish them.  You will accept to adapt yourself for a new career by interning or demography a class, but you adeptness additionally be accomplishing those things to breach accepted in your above career. So why not use your gap as a adventitious to go for the career you absolutely want?

I am the columnist of Booty the Leap; Change Your Career, Change Your Life  which appearance 63 bodies who fabricated abolitionist activity and career changes. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram.

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