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If you’re enrolled in our CDIS program, ENMU’s Accent and Audition Rehabilitation Beat Centermost (SHROC) offers an educational ambiance area you can accretion hands-on experience. Beneath the administration of a accountant and certified master’s akin practitioner, the centermost provides an ambiance in which undergraduate and alum acceptance beam and participate in the appraisal and administration of advice disorders. The purpose of the centermost is twofold:

To accommodate an educational area whereby CDIS acceptance may admission practicum adventures aural acceptance guidelines as defined by the American Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationTo accommodate speech, accent and audition casework to eastern New Mexico and the surrounding community

We serve as a bounded analytic and analysis centermost to advice audience of all ages with assorted advice disorders. Our analytic casework are accessible to the accepted accessible and are provided by both ENMU adroitness and CDIS alum acceptance beneath the administration of a certified and accountant CCC-SLP (speech-language pathologist) or CCC-A (audiologist).

Speech Services

Our speech-language casework accommodate analysis and analysis of these disorders and difficulties:

Articulation (difficulty pronouncing words due to apraxia, dysarthria, structural/anatomical differences, traditional/phonological delays/disorders and/or added etiologies)Receptive/Expressive Accent (difficulty compassionate and application accent due to adorning delays, acquirements disabilities or aphasia afterward a achievement or academician injury)Swallowing (difficulty chewing or burning due to adorning delays, structural/anatomical differences or afterward a achievement or accident)Fluency (stuttering)Voice (difficulty with pitch, quality, loudness or hyper/hyponasality of the voice)Aural Habilitation/Rehabilitation (learning to use your audition to the best of your adeptness and/or acquirements to atone for accident of hearing)CAPD/LPD Training (learning to action audition and/or linguistic input)Accent/Dialect Reduction (reducing built-in dialects to almost Standard American English pronunciation)

We abode a abounding accent science lab, and can additionally accommodate endoscopic and stroboscopic appraisal of voice, burning and resonance. We additionally accommodate Augmentative and Alternative Advice (AAC) services.

The Accent and Audition Rehabilitation Beat Centermost additionally provides casework to audience with audition impairments, deafness, autism spectrum disorders, acquirements disabilities, cerebral impairments and adorning delays, as able-bodied as those who accept suffered academician injury, achievement or added tissue damaging accidents. We additionally accommodate casework for bodies who accept acquired accelerating acoustic disorders such as Parkinson’s.

View Added Resources for Families

Audiological Services

Audiological casework accessible include:

Hearing screeningHearing testing (pure-tone audiometry)Otoacoustic emittanceTympanometryHearing aid selection, fitting, acclimation and maintenanceOutreach Centermost Hours of Operation

Office Hours: 8 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Parking is accessible on the artery in advanced of Lea Hall, or for those who charge elevator access, abaft Lea Hall. The beat centermost is amid on the added floor.

Visitors charge to defended a parking canyon from the ENMU Department of Accessible Safety to abstain ticketing. Please acquaintance the SHROC Secretary This email abode is actuality adequate from spambots. You charge JavaScript enabled to appearance it. at 575.562.2156 for added information, or if you acquaintance difficulties with parking.

Clinic FeesServiceFeeAudiology ScreeningNo costAudiology Evaluation$50Speech-Language ScreeningNo costSpeech-Language Evaluation$50-$200Speech-Language Therapy
(SHROC fall/spring semesters)$65 per semester
(1 time per week)Speech-Language Therapy
(SHROC fall/spring semesters)$120 per semester
(2 times per week)Speech-Language Therapy
(CDC fall/spring semesters)$30 per semester
(1 time per week)Speech-Language Therapy
(CDC 1x/SHROC 1x)$90 per semester
(2 times per week)Speech-Language Therapy
(CDC 1x/SHROC 2x)$150 per semester
(3 times per week)Speech-Language Therapy
(Summer semester)$70 per semester
(2 times per week)

Payment is accepted at the time of service, unless added arrange accept been fabricated with the administrator of the center. A sliding fee calibration is accessible for individuals who charge banking assistance.

View the Sliding Fee Calibration Application

Parent Handbook

The ENMU SHROC offers a Parent Handbook to accommodate added advice about analytic casework for absorbed parties.

View the SHROC Parent Handbook

Resources for ClientsAdult accent and languageAdvocacy and outreachAutismBill of Rights for Bodies Receiving Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology ServicesChild accent and languageCleft lip and palateHealth insuranceHearing and balanceLearning added than one languageSelf-help groupsStrokeStutteringSwallowing and feedingTraumatic academician injuryTypical accent and accent developmentVoice disordersADA Compliance

Students, faculty, agents and audience of the candid disorders affairs are advised deservedly after attention to gender, animal orientation, age, race, creed, civic agent or disability. The academy and affairs accede with all applicative laws, regulations and controlling orders.

For Added Information

This email abode is actuality adequate from spambots. You charge JavaScript enabled to appearance it.
Rehabilitation Beat Clinic Director
Clinical Supervisor
Location: Lea Hall (LH), Room 208
Phone: 575.562.4232

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