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How to ability a acceptable resume (Photo by Shutterstock)

Yes, recruiters alone absorb six abnormal reviewing your resume. No, this doesn’t beggarly you shouldn’t absorb time on it.

You apperceive the dream job you’ve been eyeing on that company’s website? Your resume is the aboriginal affair that’ll get you advised for it—granted you acquaint your able adventure in a acute way.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. How can you bunched your acquaintance in a concise, yet absorbing and accordant way? This is area Career and Negotiation Strategist Claudia Telles comes in. She shares her top tips for autograph a resume that will successfully pass the Applicant Tracking Arrangement (ATS)—and get your bottom in the aperture of any company.

Have a arbitrary area and acknowledgment the role you’re applying for

Here’s an archetype of what it may attending like:

Summary: As a motivated, aggressive and self-directed alone with [hard and/or bendable skills], I’m accessible to advantage my acquaintance in [skills] for a [job appellation you’re applying for] role.

When the Applicant Tracking Arrangement (ATS) scans your resume it looks for the position title. If you accommodate the role in your resume it will advice you rank college and access your affairs of it actuality apparent by the recruiter.


Include both bendable and adamantine abilities beneath the abilities section

Hard abilities are abilities you can prove you have. Example: coding, creating and managing a budget, announcement on Facebook, etc. Soft abilities are harder to appearance or measure. Example: ambitious spirit, collaborative attitude, alignment etc. Include both sets beneath the abilities section. Hiring Managers don’t necessarily absorb too abundant time actuality but it’s important to acknowledgment it to advice you rank college in the ATS arrangement and put your resume on top of the pile.

Be abiding to avoid words like adamantine artisan because it’s already affected you are. Plus, it’s aloof cliche and overused.

Mention your better accomplishment as the aboriginal ammo point in every role

Since you alone accept 6 abnormal to accomplish an consequence and acreage an account it’s important to be strategic. Your aboriginal ammo point should be your better accomplishment at work. Impress them appropriate abroad by administration article they’ll acquisition accordant or accept questions about.

You don’t accept to call every assignment associated with anniversary position you’ve held. Aim to accept 2-4 ammo credibility beneath anniversary role. Share aloof abundant to abduction their attention.

Here’s a ambush I use to adjudge if a ammo point is able and account advertence it. Read the ammo point and ask yourself, “How is it relevant?”  The key actuality is to be as specific as possible, yet concise.

Here’s a quick example:

Increased sales year over year

This is too vague. Consider this instead:

Increased sales by ~27% for the past five years by implementing a new business action that enabled me to get added able leads.

Be abiding to accommodate abundant advice and back up your achievements with numbers whenever possible.

Make abiding your resume aligns with the job description

Use this chargeless apparatus alleged Jobscan to see how able-bodied your resume matches with the job description. It tells you what keywords you’re missing and it gives you an befalling to get artistic and accommodate it in your resume. Aim to get added than a 65% bout afore appointment your job application.

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