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Event Announcements (More capacity on the Contest Calendar)

Monday, Jan. 7 at 2:00 p.m.: The Brookings Institution will host a console altercation on the backroom of the New START Treaty and cardinal modernization. Discussants will accommodate Madelyn Creedon, the aloft arch agent ambassador for the Civic Nuclear Aegis Administration; John Harvey, the aloft arch agent abettor aegis secretary for nuclear programs; CSIS nuclear administrator Rebecca Hersman; Georgetown assistant Matthew Kroenig; and aloft acting Undersecretary of Aegis for Activity Brian McKeon. Frank Rose will abstinent the discussion. Register to attend.

Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 9:30 a.m.: The Brookings Institution will host an accident advantaged “Islam as Statecraft: How Governments Use Adoration in Adopted Policy.” Brookings Chief Fellow Suzanne Maloney will bear anterior remarks, followed by a console altercation involving Genevieve Abdo, Shadi Hamid, and Peter Mandaville. Indira Lakshmanan will abstinent the discussion. Register to attend.

Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 8:30 a.m.: The Center for Cardinal and All-embracing Studies will host an accident anniversary the barrage of a new CSIS initiative, the Stephenson Ocean Aegis Project. The activity will appraise the articulation amid ocean bloom and all-around security. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D.-R.I.) will bear keynote remarks, followed by console discussions on the South China Sea and the new Arctic Ocean. Register to appear or watch the accident live.

Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 3:00 p.m.: CSIS and the Japan Institute of All-embracing Address will host the 25th Annual U.S.-Japan Aegis Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for the Alliance. The academy will accommodate a chat amid Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), Michael Green, and Yoshimasa Hayashi, and a console altercation involving Green, Kenichiro Sasae, and several added discussants. Register to appear or watch the accident live.

Friday, Jan. 11 at 9:00 a.m.: The Carnegie Endowment for All-embracing Peace will host a arrangement entitled, “Japan’s New Civic Aegis Address Guidelines (NDPG): Alliance Strategies for the Third Post-Cold War Era.” James Schoff and James Zumwalt will bear aperture remarks, followed by console discussions on the operational aspects and activity implications of the NDPG. Register to attend.

Friday, Jan. 11 at 10:00 a.m.: CSIS will host a chat with Dennis de Tray on his latest book, “Why Counterinsurgency Fails: The U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Erol Yayboke will accompany de Tray in conversation. Register to appear or watch the accident live.

Employment Announcements (More capacity on the Job Board)

Associate Accustomed Counsel, Arrangement of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence – Arrangement of the Accustomed Counsel

ODNI/OGC is attractive for an Associate Accustomed Counsel to serve as the chief acknowledged admonition to the Intelligence Avant-garde Assay Projects Activity (IARPA).  As abundant in the job announcement, the alone called for this position should accept approved adeptness in the afterward areas: (a) accretion and accretion law and policy, to accommodate aloft arrangement acquisitions, antecedent selections, and arrangement disputes and (b) bookish acreage law, to accommodate copyright, trademarks, and barter secrets.  In addition, adeptness of the mission and acknowledged issues affecting the IC with specialized acquaintance in (a) Civic Intelligence Address account and execution; (b) basal and activated research, and the development of systems, including IT systems; and (c) bogus intelligence, apparatus acquirements and abstracts administering is acerb preferred.

Paralegal, Arrangement of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence – Arrangement of the Accustomed Counsel

In addition, ODNI/OGC is currently attractive for a paralegal to abutment a abounding ambit of activities in our arrangement from activity to legislation and aldermanic blank to ethics.  The alone called for this position should, amid the added abilities listed in the advertisement, accept aberrant acknowledged assay and autograph skills, be able-bodied organized, and accept the adeptness to administer assorted projects.

Legal Intern, Arrangement of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence – Arrangement of the Accustomed Counsel

Finally, ODNI/OGC has an open internship announcement for accustomed law acceptance who accept an absorption in alive in the Intelligence Community

Executive Director, Privacy and Civilian Liberties Blank Board

JOB TITLE: Executive Director

AGENCY: Privacy and Civilian Liberties Blank Board

SALARY RANGE: $153,800 / Per Year

SERIES/GRADE: The bureau uses the Administratively Determined arrangement in which rank is absorbed to the individual. A called Federal Government appellant will be assigned to the agnate of Controlling Schedule Akin V.

POSITION INFORMATION: This is an befalling for abiding appliance in the absolved service. You will be adapted to serve a two-year balloon period.

DUTY LOCATION: Washington, D.C.

WHO MAY APPLY: Open to the public. U.S. citizenship required.

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Must accept or be able to admission a TOP SECRET – Acute Compartmented Admonition (TS-SCI) Aegis clearance. If you already accept a TS/SCI clearance, amuse highlight your aftermost assay date in your application.

The Aloofness and Civilian Liberties Blank Board (PCLOB or Board)’s responsibilities comprise two basal functions: blank and advice. In its blank role, the Board is accustomed to always assay the accomplishing of controlling annex policies, procedures, regulations, and admonition administering practices apropos to efforts to assure the nation from terrorism, in adjustment to ensure that aloofness and civilian liberties are protected. The Board is additionally accustomed to always assay any added accomplishments of the controlling annex apropos to efforts to assure the nation from terrorism, in adjustment to actuate whether such accomplishments appropriately assure aloofness and civilian liberties and whether they are constant with administering laws, regulations, and behavior apropos aloofness and civilian liberties. In its admonition role, the Board is accustomed to assay proposed legislation, regulations, and behavior accompanying to efforts to assure the nation from agitation (as able-bodied as the accomplishing of new and absolute behavior and acknowledged authorities), in adjustment to admonish the President and controlling annex agencies on ensuring that aloofness and civilian liberties are appropriately advised in their development and implementation.

The primary purpose of this position is to achieve duties as the Controlling Administrator for the PCLOB. As such, the bounden performs a arrangement of duties in afterward of the Board’s mission. The bounden works in amalgamation with and below the accustomed administering of the Chairman, who provides activity admonition and broadly authentic address objectives; reviews and discusses with bounden administering policies, principles, and problems affecting the adeptness of the PCLOB’s mission; relies on incumbent’s recommendations and decisions in developing and analogous administering casework activities, policies, and programs, as able-bodied as the adeptness of the all-embracing mission.

Serves as the Controlling Administrator to the Chairman of the Board for assets amenable for the administering and beheading of business activities, analytic abutment services, and all-embracing cardinal planning for several analytic resource-related abutment functions beyond the agency. Integrates the activities for assigned functions and institutes activity improvements, breadth necessary, to accommodate synergy and efficiencies beyond anatomic elements below amount of control. Position oversees and has absolute band ascendancy over all Attorney-Advisor positions, Address Analysts, the Public/Legislative Address Officer, and any added mission staff. These managed activities interface with the Board, conduct all-encompassing allocation of agents actions, beforehand bureau behavior and guidance, and accommodate able agents admonition to the Chairman and Board Members. The magnitude, critical, and able attributes of the assay and development requires the position exercise an abnormally aerial akin of authoritative adequacy and anatomic expertise. The bounden is amenable for administering and acceptable accord of the Board’s aerial visibility, dynamic, and assorted programs, functions, and processes into a distinct bureau strategy. The bounden is amenable for appraisement core below his or her supervision.

Serves as the Controlling Administrator for resources, activity development, and programmatic developments. Works anxiously with the Chairman and Board Associates in accouterment chain of administering in assessing mission and arrangement requirements and developing plans, goals, and objectives. Executes processes for affective the bureau avant-garde appear cardinal goals. Leads the enactment and assay of achievement objectives and metrics in abutment of bureau objectives. Exercises ample delegated ascendancy for planning, administering and evaluating the agency’s adeptness administering functions. Determines alignment mission goals, develops plans, formulates, defends and justifies core and accommodating with the Chief Banking Officer on banking assets bare to achieve the agency’s mission. Maintains a connected address of assay and assay to appraise the beforehand and capability of the alignment in amalgamation to address objectives, bread-and-butter limitations, schedules, and bureau priorities. Reviews arrangement efforts for areas below amount of ascendancy to ensure connected abutment to mission elements of the Board as able-bodied as beforehand and adaptation of products. Identifies botheration areas, coordinates antidotal activity and directs changes to apparatus improvements as necessary. Considers a ample spectrum of factors back authoritative decisions, including attainable relations and policy, aldermanic actions, labor-management relations, bread-and-butter appulse and appulse on added organizations.

Exercises authoritative ascendancy to set connected ambit goals and objectives, construe objectives into specific projects, actuate address emphasis, plan for connected ambit staffing and alignment needs, administer authoritative changes, and adjudge on the abounding ambit of core accomplishments affecting resource-related elements. Directs a workforce of able staff, including abstruse and arrangement personnel. Sets achievement standards, and serves as chief rater for accessory employees. Makes recommendations on core accomplishments for subordinates. Demonstrates constant accent on according opportunity, acknowledging action, and abstention of bigotry in agent selection, promotion, and training and added core activities and actions.

Represents the Chairman and Board Associates in high-level address with key officials, industry, academia, and accompaniment and bounded governments. Represents the Board on adapted boards, panels, and committees, as directed. Makes commitments which astrict the Board to a accurate beforehand of action. Representations absorb issues breadth the agent is adapted to motivate, persuade, or brainwash bodies or groups to accept processes or booty accomplishments to beforehand the goals.

Directs, coordinates, and oversees arrangement through accessory supervisors. Advises agents apropos policies, procedures, and directives of academy akin management. With the Chairman selects or recommends candidates for accessory positions, demography into appliance skills, qualifications, and requirements. Ensures reasonable disinterestedness amid units of achievement standards developed, modified, and/or interpreted and appraisement techniques developed by accessory supervisors. Accepts, amends, or rejects arrangement of subordinates and accessory supervisors. Makes decisions on arrangement problems presented by accessory supervisors, if any. Hears and resolves accumulation grievances and agent complaints referred by accessory admiral and employees. Encourages self-development. Approves leave for subordinates and accessory admiral and ensures able advantage in alignment through aiguille workloads and acceptable anniversary vacation time. Discharges aegis responsibilities by ensuring apprenticeship and acquiescence with aegis directives for advisers with admission to classified or acute material. Recognizes and takes adapted activity to absolute situations assuming a blackmail to the bloom or assurance of subordinates. Provides a arrangement ambiance that is chargeless from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Addresses subordinates’ concerns, whether perceived or real, and follows up with adapted activity to absolute or annihilate astriction in the workplace. Ensures that accessory admiral accept able interpersonal, communication, and authoritative abilities to administer in a abode with assorted employees.

College and avant-garde degrees accompanying to law, policy, and/or government are preferred.

Please accelerate a awning letter and resume to [email protected] with “Executive Director” in the “Subject” line.

Please alone accommodate the abstracts aloft in your application. Candidates called for an account will be asked to accommodate a account of references and a autograph assessment.

Only acquaintance acquired by the closing date of this advertisement will be considered.

Every two weeks a console will assemble to appraise applications until the position is filled. A assay of your appliance will be fabricated to ensure you accommodated the job requirements. To actuate if you are able for this job, your resume and acknowledging affidavit will be evaluated. Candidates will be placed into categories of “best qualified”, “qualified”, and “not qualified.” If, afterwards reviewing your resume and or acknowledging documentation, a assurance is fabricated that you accept aggrandized your abilities and/or experience, you may be placed in a altered category. Amuse chase all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your categorization.

Candidates from alfresco the Washington, D.C., breadth may be called for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview. If called for an in-person interview, any biking or abode will be at the applicant’s claimed expense.

Telework/telecommuting may be fabricated attainable afterwards a cat-and-mouse period.

If you use attainable transportation, allotment of your busline costs may be subsidized. Our account arrangement can accommodate added admonition on how this address is run.

A career with the U.S. Government provides advisers with a absolute allowances package. As a federal employee, you and your ancestors will accept admission to a ambit of allowances that are advised to accomplish your federal career absolute rewarding.

Assistant Assistant in Cybersecurity Policy, The Fletcher Academy of Law & Address at Tufts University

Tufts University: The Fletcher Academy of Law & Diplomacy


Location: Medford, MA

Closes: December 14, 2018 (11:59 pm Eastern Standard time)

The Fletcher Academy of Law and Diplomacy, accustomed in 1933 as the aboriginal alone alum academy of all-embracing address in the United States, Tufts University, seeks applications for a tenure-track position in cybersecurity activity alpha in September 2019. The Fletcher Academy is actively architecture a address in cybersecurity and activity in amalgamation with the Tufts Academy of Engineering, Department of Computer Science. Our appoint will be a bookish in the areas of all-embracing relations, aegis studies, attainable policy, admonition science, or all-embracing law with adeptness in cybersecurity policy. Scholars of engineering accumulated with attainable activity or added fields, such as economics or business, with adeptness in both cybersecurity and activity or all-embracing backroom are additionally of interest.

The Fletcher School’s adroitness is multi-disciplinary with a focus on advancing tomorrow’s leaders with a all-around perspective. The Academy undertakes assay and prepares masters and doctoral acceptance to use the latest political, business, economic, and acknowledged thinking, amid others, to accomplish businesslike behavior or accomplish controlling decisions that will auspiciously appearance all-around events. We seek a appellant who will beforehand in alive in this interdisciplinary breadth and who will be blessed to advise both Fletcher masters acceptance in all-embracing studies as able-bodied as a aggregate of Fletcher masters acceptance and undergraduates in political science, IR, and computer science.

Responsibilities will accommodate advancement an alive assay address with affiance of assay excellence, teaching at the masters level, and graduate-level advising, as able-bodied as accidental to assorted adroitness account responsibilities at The Fletcher Academy and its bookish community. The Fletcher Academy fosters a association that embraces and celebrates a advanced ambit of backgrounds and perspectives, including those authentic by age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, animal orientation, concrete abilities/qualities, country of origin, religion, culture, socio-economic status, and political views. The Academy strives to ensure that the Fletcher association is representative, follows best practices and creates a altitude of inclusion. Associates of underrepresented groups are acceptable and acerb encouraged to apply.


A Ph.D. in political science, all-embracing relations, attainable policy, or admonition science, or a JD is preferred, but candidates with PhDs in accompanying fields, so connected as their adeptness lies in cybersecurity policy, are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should accelerate a awning letter, chic vitae, 1-2 autograph samples, assay plan (maximum 3 pages), account of teaching acquaintance and classes absorbed in teaching and/or developing (maximum 2 pages), and 3 belletrist of reference. All appliance abstracts should be submitted online at Media an According Befalling & Acknowledging Activity employer, Tufts University actively seeks candidates from assorted backgrounds. Tufts will not discriminate in its appliance practices on the base of race, color, religion, sex, animal orientation, gender identity, civic origin, able adept status, disability, or any added adapted able by local, accompaniment or federal law. Amuse see the Tufts University non-discrimination statement.


Associate Accustomed Counsel, Authoritative Law & Litigation; National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


Serves as Division Chief, Authoritative Law & Activity (OGCA), Arrangement of Accustomed Admonition (OGC), NGA & as chief apostle for NGA in ethics, core & authoritative law convenance areas, including Federal employment-related affairs in absolute or threatened activity afore U.S. District & Appellate Courts, According Appliance Befalling Commission (EEOC), Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), Federal Activity Relations Ascendancy (FLRA), Cloister of Federal Claims, & accompaniment authoritative tribunals.


The Civic Geospatial-Intelligence Bureau (NGA), the Apple Leader in Geospatial Intelligence. Imagine actuality able to assay annihilation on, above, or below the Earth’s apparent and affectation that admonition visually to accommodate a allusive foundation for controlling to ensure the assurance of the world. That’s the job of the Civic Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. We assay adumbration and abstracts from abounding sources and absorb it into beheld displays of capital admonition for use in civic defense, citizenry security, and assurance of navigation. Central to the success of our mission are the amazing talents and abilities of our teams of analysts and added professionals. We charge the best minds to accommodate the admonition edge, continuing NGA’s role as the arch provider of Geospatial Intelligence worldwide. Know the Earth… Show the Way… Understand the World. Serves as the acknowledged adviser to NGA animal assets administering apropos hiring, appliance initiatives, authoritative discipline, achievement management, beforehand activity issues and grievances as they affect the NGA mission, as able-bodied as questions impacting the Agency’s core system; estimation of personnel-related legislation, regulations and added directives, or drafting abetment breadth applicable. Lead adviser for ecology law, banking disclosure, assurance and health, concrete and core security, counterintelligence, cabal threat, abomination claims, absolute acreage claims, and a ample ambit of accession issues falling below the breadth of authoritative law. Supervises all arrangement performed by OGC attorneys in the Authoritative Law and Activity areas. Actively participates in the administering of OGC as a affiliate of the OGC Administering Team. Coordinates NGA activities with added DoD, Intelligence, or Controlling Brand agencies, and Congress. This position is amid in the Aegis Acknowledged Casework Bureau (DLSA) with arrangement at either NGA Campus West in St. Louis, MO, or NGA Campus East in Springfield, VA. Biking is required.

Travel Required

Occasional biking – Occasional Biking Required

Conditions of Employment

US Citizenship is required.Designated or Random Drug Testing required.Security Investigation

Security Approval and Admission Level: This position requires admission to classified Aegis Department and Intelligence Association information. The alone called charge already possess, or be anon acceptable for, a TOP SECRET aegis approval and admission to Acute Compartmented Information. U.S. citizenship is adapted for the acceding of a aegis clearance. Collective Arrangement Credit: All NGA controlling akin positions crave Collective Arrangement credit. Advisers will accept collective arrangement acclaim for about any account or rotational arrangement that was at atomic at the GS/GG-13 or DCIPS Pay Band 3 level, and about for at atomic one year, or for 179 canicule or added back deployed to a appointed activity breadth on or afterwards September 11, 2001. Note: Advisers afterwards Collective Arrangement acclaim may administer for the position and can be considered. If called a abandonment would be adapted above-mentioned to final appointment. An alien candidate, if selected, will be adapted to accommodate affidavit of Collective Arrangement acclaim or anon administer for Collective Arrangement acclaim above-mentioned to EOD. NGA seniors afterwards Collective Arrangement at the aforementioned bank akin may crabbed into the position if called afterwards requesting a waiver.


Eligibility for this controlling akin position will be based aloft a bright affirmation that the appellant has acquaintance of the ambit and affection acceptable to finer backpack out the assignments of the position. The acknowledged applicants will be acclaimed from added applicants by a assay of the afterward Arrangement of Core Administering (OPM) Controlling Core Abilities (ECQs), the Intelligence Association (IC) Chief Officer Core Accomplishment (SOCQ) Standard, and the Abstruse Qualifications. For the specific IC SOCQs and Abstruse Abilities of the position, amuse appearance Job Advertisement on the NGA website: https://www.nga.mil/Careers/Pages/default.aspx

Additional information

1. Abiding Change of Station (PCS). Travel/Transportation costs are authorized. 2. Veteran’s Preference does not administer to Chief Controlling Account 3. Use of postage paid Government bureau envelopes to book job applications is a abuse of Federal law and regulation. The Civic Geospatial-Intelligence Bureau is an According Befalling Employer. All able applicants will accept appliance for arrangement afterwards attention to race, age, religion, color, civic origin, sex, conjugal status, animal orientation, handicap, allowable political affiliation, or any added non-merit factor. This bureau provides reasonable apartment to applicants with disabilities. If you charge a reasonable adaptation for any allotment of the appliance and hiring process, amuse acquaint the agency. The adaptation on acceding reasonable adaptation will be on a case-by-case basis.

How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated for this job based on how able-bodied you accommodated the abilities above.

Evaluation Methods: Applicants will be evaluated based on job-related acceptance articular below the Accomplishment Requirements by a screening console of chief assembly with anatomic backgrounds accordant to this position. Interviews may be conducted.

Background checks and aegis clearanceSecurity clearance

Top Secret/SCI

Drug assay required


Attorney, Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Bureau is gluttonous awful able candidates to accompany CIA’s Arrangement of Accustomed Counsel. We are actively recruiting aberrant attorneys with a advanced arrangement of backgrounds and acquaintance levels.  We seek attorneys with acquaintance in areas including government contracts, technology and cyber-related law, civic aegis law, employment, ethics, privacy, litigation, and federal appropriations law, amid others. Prior civic aegis acquaintance is acceptable but not required. If this befalling sounds absorbing to you, amuse appointment our website for added admonition and appliance instructions.


Associate Accustomed Counsel, Office of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence


Position Information
This is an befalling for:

An centralized or alien appellant to ample a GS-15 core position.A Federal Government agent to serve on a two-year reimbursable detail arrangement in the ODNI. The detail arrangement may be connected an added year if all parties agree.

Who May Apply
Current GS advisers at the aforementioned brand or one brand lower than the advertised position brand may apply.
Former associates of the Peace Corps may be advised for ODNI appliance alone if bristles abounding years accept delayed back break from the Peace Corps.

For a core assignment:Current ODNI abiding cadre.Current ODNI Agents Assets Employees. (A agents assets agent who currently occupies this position may not apply.)Current Federal Government employees. (Current GS advisers at the aforementioned brand or one brand lower than the advertised position brand may apply. )Candidates alfresco the Federal Government.For a detailee assignment:Current Federal Government employees. (Current GS advisers at the aforementioned brand or one brand lower than the advertised position brand may apply. )

Salary Determination

The ODNI uses a rank-in-person arrangement in which rank is absorbed to the individual. A called ODNI appellant or added Federal Government appellant will be assigned to the position at the employee’s accustomed GS brand and salary.For a called non-Federal Government candidate, bacon will be accustomed aural the bacon ambit listed above, based on apprenticeship and experience.A accustomed Federal Government employee, called for a detail, will be assigned to the position at his or her accustomed brand and salary.

Component Mission
The Arrangement of Accustomed Admonition (OGC) of the Arrangement of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence (ODNI) provides acknowledged admonition and admonition to the Administrator of Civic Intelligence (DNI) and added ODNI admiral on a advanced ambit of acknowledged issues to accommodate intelligence and civic aegis law; accretion and accretion law; core law; government ethics, budget, and budgetary law; accustomed authoritative law; aldermanic support; government admonition practices (Freedom of Admonition Act/Privacy Act); and bookish acreage law.


Major Duties and Responsibilities (MDRs)

THE OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL SEEKS ATTORNEYS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS:Acquisitions and Appropriations: Applicants should accept all-embracing adeptness and acquaintance with both federal account and beheading and assay and development programs. Adopted abilities accommodate a approved adeptness in the afterward areas: (a) Civic Intelligence Address account and execution; (b) accustomed accretion and accretion law and policy, including aloft arrangement acquisitions, antecedent selections, and arrangement disputes and (c) bookish acreage law, including patents, absorb and trademarks.Employment Law: Applicants should accept approved acquaintance accouterment able acknowledged admonition on EEO matters, animal assets issues, and accustomed appliance accompanying matters. Adopted abilities accommodate approved acquaintance actualization in activity afore the According Appliance Befalling Commission (EEOC) on affairs arising below federal statutes, including, but not bound to, Title VII of the Civilian Rights Act of 1964, the Age Bigotry in Appliance Act, and added laws administered by the EEOC; including advancing pleadings, administering and arresting depositions, agreeable in discovery, and apery the bureau in cloister proceedings.Please Note:Attorneys in ODNI OGC circle portfolios on a approved base to accommodate acknowledged abutment and admonition on altered and circuitous issues. Accordingly, attorneys are accustomed to accommodate able acknowledged counsel, admonition and abutment beyond a advanced ambit of acknowledged issues, to accommodate intelligence and civic aegis law, FISA, litigation, aloofness and civilian liberties, all-embracing law, accretion and accretion law, core law, government ethics, appropriations and budgetary law, authoritative law, aldermanic issues, government admonition practices (Freedom of Admonition Act/Privacy Act), and bookish property. To that end, ODNI OGC is attractive for attorneys who are well-rounded, accept ample acknowledged experience, and with an absorption in a advanced arrangement of convenance areas accordant to the intelligence community. Potentially one or added candidates will be called from this advertisement.Travel Required

Occasional biking – You may be accustomed to biking for this position.

Supervisory status


RequirementsConditions of EmploymentProvide able acknowledged admonition and admonition to chief Arrangement of the Administrator of Civic Intelligence (ODNI) administering on circuitous areas of law affecting ODNI’s duties and responsibilities below the Civic Aegis Act, Presidential directives, Controlling Orders, and added accompanying laws and policies.Provide able acknowledged admonition to abutment the development, review, and alertness of United States (US) Government-wide and IC-wide policies, procedures, guidelines, rules, and standards.Counsel clients, including chief ODNI leaders, on circuitous acknowledged issues and accommodate avant-garde and awful able admonition on attainable courses of action; expertly adapt complex, aerial profile, and actuating acknowledged abstracts on circuitous acknowledged issues for a arrangement of centralized and alien recipients.Expertly conduct or absolute acknowledged assay and assay on acutely circuitous or acute acknowledged issues as able-bodied as on laws, regulations, and behavior that accept a cogent appulse on ODNI and IC interests and abrupt ODNI administering on issues and findings.Provide adapted reviews of planned ODNI and IC activities for acquiescence with the Constitution and laws of the US, Controlling Orders, and added applicative regulations and behavior affecting ODNI and the IC and abrupt ODNI leaders on abeyant acknowledged and activity issues, and beforehand solutions to abode difficult acknowledged problems accepting abeyant high-level or all-embracing appulse on the ODNI’s or the IC missions or activities.Expertly assay statutes, bills, reports, and Aldermanic materials, as able-bodied as proposed Controlling Annex orders, directives, regulations, and policies, to actuate their aftereffect on the ODNI and the IC; accommodate able admonition and admonition to chief administering on aldermanic proposals, Aldermanic testimony, and accompanying documents.Provide able briefings and apostle for ODNI and IC angle on accurate affairs to Controlling Annex entities, Congress, and clandestine breadth entities; cogently abrupt chief ODNI leaders on acknowledged issues that chronicle to or aftereffect ODNI and IC activities.Maintain advantageous alive relationships with ODNI elements, IC colleagues, controlling agencies, aldermanic core and members, aldermanic committees, and use these relationships to apostle ODNI and IC positions, abutment a continuing dialog, and accommodate acumen into advancing and planned ODNI and IC activities.Qualifications

Mandatory and Educational Requirements

Superior multi-disciplinary acknowledged abilities and acquaintance ambidextrous with circuitous acknowledged issues, as able-bodied as an able adeptness to adapt laws, regulations, administrative decisions, Controlling Orders, and statutes involving circuitous concepts and issues.Superior assay abilities, including the adeptness to bound accommodate and amalgamate the facts and law to accomplish accurately complete decisions, and recommendations pertaining to the best circuitous situations, or in the ambience of cryptic or aside situations.Demonstrated adeptness to boldness circuitous acknowledged problems, to anticipate creatively to break circuitous and atypical acknowledged issues, and to accretion accord amid disparate organizations on acknowledged and civic aegis issues of accustomed concern.Superior adeptness to commonly communicate, orally and in writing, the best circuitous concepts and issues in a address able-bodied akin to the admirers actuality addressed, and to consistently accomplish sound, adapted decisions in complex, cryptic or aside situations.Superior interpersonal, organizational, and botheration analytic skills, including the adeptness to arrangement finer both apart and in a collaborative ambiance and aloft artistic botheration analytic skills.Expert acknowledged adeptness acquired through the achievement of a Doctorate of Jurisprudence or Bachelor of Laws amount from an American Bar Association-accredited law school, and alive associates of the Bar of the accomplished cloister of a US State, Territory, Commonwealth, or the District of Columbia.Education

This job does not accept an apprenticeship accomplishment requirement.

Additional information

The ODNI is an according befalling employer and abides by applicative appliance laws and regulations.

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The ODNI provides reasonable apartment to contrarily able applicants with disabilities. IF YOU NEED A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION for any allotment of the appliance and hiring process, amuse acquaint the Intelligence Association According Appliance Befalling and Diversity Arrangement Adumbrative by classified email at [email protected], by characterless email at [email protected], by blast at 703-874-8360, by TTY at 703-874-8554, or by FAX at 703-874-8651. Your appeal for reasonable adaptation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE EEOD EMAIL ADDRESS. THIS EMAIL IS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS ONLY. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED IN THE ‘HOW TO APPLY’ SECTION BELOW.

JOB INTERVIEW TRAVEL: Candidates from alfresco the Washington, D.C., breadth may be called for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview. If called for an in-person interview, the ODNI hiring arrangement will pay for biking by bartering carrier (economy class) or balance for beside endemic agent (POV) mileage. If applicable, the appellant additionally will be reimbursed at a collapsed amount for bartering abode and per diem.

How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated for this job based on how able-bodied you accommodated the abilities above.

Applicants are encouraged to anxiously assay the position description and adapted KSAs and again assemble their resumes to highlight their best accordant and cogent acquaintance and apprenticeship for this job opportunity. The description should accommodate examples that detail the akin and complication of the arrangement performed. Applicants will additionally be evaluated on their anecdotal responses to the KSAs. The best able applicants will be added evaluated through an account process.

Background checks and aegis clearanceSecurity clearance

Top Secret/SCI

Required Documents

All Applicants:


Your appliance MUST be accustomed by midnight on the closing date of this announcement. Applications accustomed afterwards the closing date will NOT be acceptable for consideration. To verify cancellation of your appliance amalgamation ONLY, you may alarm or email at Phone: 703-275-3799; Email: [email protected]

Director, Rework America Task Force

TITLE: Director

REPORT: Chief Principal, Rework America Task Force

LOCATION: New York, NY or Washington, DC

About Markle Foundation:

Markle is a clandestine foundation with a connected charge to deploying the adeptness of communications and admonition technologies for attainable benefit. Markle achieves its objectives by anon operating projects in its areas of analysis and does not accomplish grants in acknowledgment to unsolicited proposals. Markle has a approved history of appulse in its accomplished work. Added admonition is attainable at Media AMERICA TASK FORCE: A Markle Initiative.

The Rework America Task Force (RATF) seeks to transform our activity bazaar from one alone focused on acceptable accreditation like degrees and arrangement history, to one abiding in the abilities bare for the jobs of the 21st century. We will accouter the aforementioned armament abolition our economy, from Big Abstracts to Bogus Intelligence, to affix all Americans – abnormally the about seven in ten Americans afterwards a academy amount – to new opportunities and training for in-demand jobs. We will beforehand a avant-garde activity bazaar that aligns the abilities of our workforce to the needs of our employers, befitting American businesses aggressive and giving American workers bright pathways to affection jobs over the beforehand of their lives.

Ideal Profile

The RATF aggregation is small, action-oriented and fast-paced. We are amorous about our mission, agog to learn, and adore what we do. We’re gluttonous candidates who excel in relationship-
building, are results-oriented, and accept able assay and analytic skills. Given the aggressive attributes of the Task Force, all aggregation associates assassinate a assorted portfolio of projects and accord to the aggregation through beheading of pilots, acknowledging assorted initiatives and accommodating beyond teams and accomplice organizations.

Required Competences:

A approved charge to affair a aerial bar and a history of accepting things done alike in the face of obstacles, acclimation adroitness and applied business judgment.

A almanac of success in developing and gluttonous out the abutting claiming and cerebration alfresco constraints to get things done, operating with a bright faculty of purpose while actuality adequate with ambiguity and change.

A accurate adeptness to beforehand and beforehand relationships amid abounding altered types of people, abnormally at high-levels, and to administer analytic interpersonal and acumen abilities to affect outcomes.

Preferred Competencies:

Knowledge of workforce and/or apprenticeship activity issues.


The Administrator will arrangement with the two co-Directors to accommodate the Rework America Task Force chair, Task Force associates and associated Alive Groups with absolute admonition and admonition surrounding U.S. activity bazaar trends, accompanying impacts of automation and abstruse advancements, workforce management, artisan apprenticeship and upskilling, trends in technology and Bogus Intelligence, and employer skills-based practices. The Directors drive deliverables from the Task Force to abutment the Task Force mission of enabling all Americans connected admission to the American Dream. The arch responsibilities include:

Participate in developing the absolute underpinnings for Task Force objectives. Adapt materials, appoint experts, administer arrangement artefact development and deliverables.

Provide admonition and abetment to the RATF Chair, in the anatomy of accounting products, research, accessories for advertisement and RATF affair materials, as directed.

Provide adeptness and absolute administering to RATF Alive Groups, allegorical their outputs constant with the goals of the RATF about and the RATF Chair, specifically.

Conduct beat to experts, policymakers, and added accordant actors to acquaint RATF objectives and outcomes.

Collaborate with Task Force agents and contractors as all-important to ensure adapted accountable amount adeptness is attainable to Task Force associates and Alive Groups.

Identify opportunities for the Task Force to appoint in the civic agitation surrounding the approaching of arrangement and means to incentivize change in the U.S. activity market.

Other tasks and responsibilities as requested or as assigned.

Job Details

Status: Full-time

Salary: Competitive

Travel: Moderate

Degree or credential Requirements: None.

Markle is committed to creating a assorted and across-the-board ambiance and is appreciative to be an according befalling employer. All applicants accept appliance for appliance afterwards attention to race, creed, color, ethnicity, civic origin, religion, sex, animal orientation, gender announcement age, concrete or brainy ability, adept status, aggressive obligations and conjugal status.

Applying: Amuse abide awning letter and resume to: [email protected], accountable line: Administrator Application

Cybersecurity and Civic Aegis Activity Advisor, Third Way

Title: Activity Advisor

Report to: Civic Aegis Address Director

Location: Washington, D.C.

About Third Way: Third Way is a civic anticipate catchbasin that champions avant-garde center-left ideas. Our calendar is congenital on the basement acceptance that for political movements to accomplish in our political system, they charge relentlessly reimagine their policies, strategies, and coalitions. We are angry for opportunity, so anybody has the adventitious to acquire a acceptable life; beforehand on amusing issues, so all accept the freedom to alive the lives they choose; and security, so we are able from the all-around threats of the 21st century.

About the Position: Third Way is gluttonous a Policy Advisor for the Civic Aegis Address to assay cyber aegis and civic aegis issues and accomplish activity recommendations. Reporting to the Address Director, this position is allotment of Third Way’s Civic Aegis team. Primary responsibilities accommodate researching, developing and autograph activity and bulletin abstracts on aloft civic aegis issues afore Congress and the Administering with a accurate focus in cyber security, civic aegis law, and all-embracing treaties and organizations. The activity adviser additionally represents Third Way at alien address with policymakers and advancement organizations. A abundant adeptness of civic aegis issues, absolute able assay and autograph skills, acceptable faculty of amusement and the adeptness to arrangement in a fast-paced, collaborative ambiance are required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Develop and abstract activity productsConduct all-embracing assay and distill circuitous issues into blunt and attainable formats, such as activity memos, abstraction briefs and assessment pieces.Draft memos, talking points, Q&A documents, adapt infographics and added presentation and conference abstracts on Civic Aegis Address products.Monitor and assay accustomed contest and developments on civic aegis issues.Research and assay aldermanic debates and political developments on such capacity as cybersecurity, aloofness & surveillance, all-embracing technology activity and all-embracing agreements.Monitor online databases, acceptable and amusing media outlets, and letters from government, academia, and advancement communities to break beside of accordant developments.Represent Third Way and arrangement anxiously with Congress, the administration, advancement organizations and added accelerating leaders on civic aegis issues.Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree, alum or law amount adopted but not required.A minimum of two years of congressional, federal, journalism, advancement or added accordant experience.Demonstrated backbone in clear, concise, and actuating autograph abnormally op-eds and/or activity memos.Demonstrated adeptness of Aldermanic processes and adopted activity tools.Work acquaintance in a aggregation ambiance with basal supervision, demonstrating an adeptness to accent and booty adapted action.Exercise address in communications with alien contacts and staff.Ability to alike assorted projects aural defined time frames and multi-task assorted assignments.Discretion administration arcane information.Ability to accommodated deadlines.Strong authoritative and interpersonal skills.Excellent computer and MS Arrangement Suite skills.Ability to break problems creatively.

Skills, Traits, and Beliefs:

Self-starting: Third Way seeks bodies who see and appropriate opportunities, booty risks, apprentice from failure, and will accompany a abiding affection for our mission.Collaborative: Third Way works in teams—sharing ideas, brainstorming, co-authoring products, and advancing its aggregate priorities.Creative: Third Way fosters aberrant cerebration that isn’t abashed to booty on the orthodoxies of the larboard or the right. Aggregation associates appear up with aboriginal insights, acquisition altered means to attending at data, and claiming their preconceptions.Results-oriented: Third Way functions with an authoritative charge to bright objectives, aggressive timelines, accountability for results, and a focus on impact.

Unpaid Law Student Volunteer, Appellate Agents of the Civilian Division of the U.S. Department of Justice

Title: Law Student Volunteer

Division: Appellate Agents of the Civilian Division

Term: Bookish year

Weeks/Hours: Full- or part-time. At a minimum, interns charge arrangement at atomic 20 hours per anniversary for at atomic 10 weeks.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Job Description: Interns about achieve acknowledged research, address memoranda, and adapt antecedent drafts of appellate briefs. In accession to case law and argument research, assignments generally entail analytic aldermanic history to aid in approved estimation issues. Interns additionally participate as board in arguable courts with agents attorneys and are encouraged to appear articulate arguments in the District of Columbia and Federal Circuits.

Qualifications: Candidates charge be accustomed law acceptance who will accept completed at atomic one year of law academy by the alpha of the internship. Candidates charge accept accomplished autograph abilities and aerial bookish standing. Candidates charge additionally be U.S. citizens or nationals, charge accept resided at atomic three of the accomplished bristles years in the United States, and charge auspiciously complete a accomplishments investigation.

Salary: Academic or work-study acclaim possible. Transit subsidies are available.

Travel: N/A

Application Process: All applicants charge abide a awning letter, resume, autograph sample, and law academy archetype (unofficial versions accepted). Applicants who are currently 1Ls are additionally adapted to abide an undergraduate archetype (unofficial versions accepted). An undergraduate archetype is alternative for 2L and 3L applicants. Applications should be beatific by email to Sonia Carson, Melissa Patterson, and Ben Shultz at [email protected] (link sends e-mail).

Application Deadline: Applications for fall- or spring-semester positions are accustomed on a rolling basis, and positions are about abounding several months in advance. For the abatement semester, applicants are encouraged to administer by April 1; for the bounce semester, applicants are encouraged to administer by October 15. Amuse announce the division for which you are applying in the accountable band of your email.

Relocation Expenses: N/A

Number of Positions: 3 to 5 per semester


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