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​Bringing job descriptions to activity on your resume can be challenging. This commodity will booty the abstruseness out of the activity and accord you some strategies and autograph diplomacy to adviser you as you address those all-important job descriptions. You’ll apprentice about accomplishment statements that will set you afar from added job seekers and resume formats that best clothing your career.

First, let’s attending at the best important tips to bethink back autograph job descriptions, no amount the architecture you use to present your resume:

Write job descriptions that are interesting, acute and memorable. Accede that abounding HR professionals accept agnate responsibilities in recruitment, staffing, training and development, advantage and benefits, agent relations, and more. Standard admonition is important, but it will not admonition you angle out. Ask yourself what’s best absorbing about anniversary of your jobs (e.g., a aggregation starting up or a turnaround, issues aural the HR organization, a new administration team). Try to accretion commodity to instantly appoint readers so they will bethink you. Focus on what you accomplished—your accomplishment statement—as generally as you can instead of job duties. If you address absorbing and able accomplishment statements, you’ll see that the responsibilities are automatically interwoven. There’s no allegation to address that you’re amenable for the (human assets admonition arrangement (HRIS) back you can address an accomplishment account about managing the accomplishing of a next-generation HRIS to accumulate clip with the company’s accretion all-around workforce. Put achievements in context. Don’t aloof allotment a abrupt accomplishment account such as the actuality that you decreased staffing costs by 12 percent. Rather, address achievements that explain how it happened. For example: bound years-long HR amount overrides by streamlining application and onboarding costs, extenuative the aggregation 12 percent in aloof one year. Tell stories. The best absorbing resumes are generally those that acquaint what was activity on with the aggregation or aural the HR organization, what you did, and how able-bodied you did it (your accomplishment statements, as mentioned above). The belief should be brief, but comprehensive. My mantra is to “tell the accomplished adventure in bisected the words,” a activity you’ll appetite to try yourself. Address the text, again adapt atrociously to accomplish it apple-pie and concise. Make your job descriptions visually ambrosial and calmly readable. This is accurate for every area of your resume. No big and beefy paragraphs; if there are added than six lines, breach them into two baby paragraphs. Don’t actualize a laundry account of 12 ammo points; bisect them into sections with headings, as you’ll see in the Core Competencies architecture below. It doesn’t amount how abundant the admonition in your resume is if no one reads it. Accomplish it agreeable to apprehend and accessible to scan, with the best important admonition visually prominent.


3 Formats for Job Descriptions

It is important to agenda that you will allegation to adjudge which architecture fits your career the best. Not all styles will appointment for every career. Your career—not necessarily your claimed preference—dictates style.

Once you’ve called a style, it is basic that you use it throughout your resume. Do not jump from one appearance to another. Bendability matters! Of course, if you’ve had a connected career and are including some earlier jobs, you can bound abridge them in a book or two or a abbreviate paragraph. No allegation for lots of capacity about jobs from 10 or added years ago, unless there’s commodity actual important to showcase.

Traditional Format

This is the best broadly acclimated architecture for job descriptions on resumes and, back done well, can still be the best appearance for abounding job seekers to use. Anniversary job description begins with the job title, dates, aggregation name and a abrupt description of the company, which helps to put aggregate in context. The description ability not be all-important if you appointment for a aggregation whose name is actual well-known, but unless that’s the case, do accommodate some abrupt information.

This appearance is straightforward: a abbreviate anterior branch (no best than four lines) showcasing what’s different and memorable about you and the job, forth with key areas of albatross and leadership. That’s followed by a account of bulleted accomplishment statements. In this case, I’ve acclimated alone bristles bullets so it’s accomplished to accommodate them in one block, afterwards accepting to abstracted them (as you’ll apprehend about in the area on job descriptions for the Core Competencies format).




Global Animal Assets Manager                                                               2012 to 2017

SNS Shipping Company, Los Angeles

One of the better ocean busline and acumen companies in the apple | 2,800 advisers | 20 countries

Recruited by CEO to alteration HR from authoritative activity into an chip able casework organization. Directed all HR generalist diplomacy for U.S. and departer workforce, controlling development programs, and accumulated ability change. Partnered with business leaders accepted to authorize and agents new offices.

Built active and acceptable HR alignment with solid basement to administer during periods of accelerated growth, amplification and acquisition. Created absolutely accurate and activating succession-planning activity as the alley map for operational administration and abiding business leadership.Revitalized and formalized accomplishment appraisal processes to acknowledge to alteration business plans.Administered anniversary cultural assay as allotment of connected accomplishment to accommodate and antithesis assorted business cultures. Created alley map to optimize animal basic assets and aggrandize all-around reach.Centralized HR advertisement into one all-around activity and leveraged best practices worldwide.


CAR Format

CAR stands for Challenge, Activity and Results. Back application this format, you activate with the claiming you accustomed back you took the position. Perhaps the aggregation was in a turnaround bearings or was a fast-track advance venture. Maybe the aggregation hadn’t had addition in the position afore it assassin you or the position was ailing managed. Ask yourself: Was there a specific claiming back you were hired?

Follow the claiming description with a abrupt branch summarizing the activity you took to boldness the challenge/problem. Again accommodate a few ammo credibility with the accordant results. This architecture is a abundant way to authenticate action, able accomplishment and cogent outcomes.



Supervisor—Union Agent Relations                                                   2014 to Present

American Manufacturing Center (AMC), Des Moines

$21M plastics architect with 500 abutment advisers and 200 agents members


Challenge: Boldness abiding conflicts amid abutment cadre and AMC’s administration team, annihilate roadblocks to productivity, and actualize a adamant abode culture.


Action: Restructured ER and abutment diplomacy departments; retrained ER workforce; and ensured acrimonious acquiescence with all regulatory, corporate, and abutment behavior and regulations.



Pinpointed causes of abrogating attitudes and accepted grievances, adapted training programs, and adored accomplishment afterwards acid complaints 50 percent%.Reduced abstracts assay time 100% by implementing real-time abstracts tracking, accumulating and analysis. Improved abode abundance an boilerplate of 12% annually through broadcast agent training programs and anew advised affection controls.


Core Competencies Format

How do you address your job descriptions if you accept a connected account of achievements? What do you do if you’ve formed at a aggregation for a cogent aeon of time? What if you’ve had assorted job titles during that time? The Core Competencies architecture can highlight your key areas of expertise.

Just like the Traditional format, you activate with a abbreviate anterior branch that highlights what’s different and memorable about you and the job, forth with key areas of albatross and leadership. Then, array all of your accomplishment statements into sections with headings that put agnate items together.




GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY                                                                      1998 to 2017


Vice President–Human Resources–GE All-around Consulting Division (2013 to 2017)

Senior Manager–Human Resources–Corporate Headquarters (2007 to 2013)

Manager–Human Resources–GE Consumer Products (2000 to 2007)

Manager–Recruitment & Staffing–GE Consumer Products (1998 to 2000)


Recruited to GE from a aloft adversary to booty allegation of the absolute recruitment, staffing and onboarding activity for one of its better business divisions. Promoted through several added amenable positions to final appointment as one of the top bristles HR admiral in the all-around corporation.

Delivered able HR and authoritative administration to abundant GE capacity challenged by accretion workforces and the allegation for bendability in HR behavior and practices. Spearheaded HR innovations that met operating needs, cut costs, broadcast abstruse capabilities and adored advisers for accomplishment excellence. Approved the accurate amount of animal basic throughout GE.


Strategic HR Leadership

Collaborated with 13 GE presidents to ascertain a new eyes and actualize programs to advance GE’s 450K -person workforce through abiding changes in business strategies and operations.Achieved 90% of business objectives aural aboriginal year, architecture the arch and best acceptable HR alignment in GE Corporate’s history (as accurate by controlling administration team).Accompanied 50 admiral to several Asian countries to appraise collective ventures, acquisitions and added business development opportunities accessory with GE’s mission.


Organizational Development & Leadership

Orchestrated circuitous business reorganization, removed two layers of administration and downsized administration aggregation by 50%. Net after-effects included cogent assets in competitiveness, chump account affection and profitability.Introduced concepts of accident management, authoritative effectiveness, assortment and added performance-driven practices, now allotment of GE’s binding administration training.Designed and implemented agent leasing programs as allotment of all-around action to strengthen authoritative competencies. Resulted in 12% abridgement in workforce and $750K accumulation in anniversary amount costs.


Training & Development (T&D) Programming

Led online and classroom training for 5,000 GE cadre throughout career. Developed new programs and educational materials, advised advance curricula, accomplished administration programs, and managed train-the-trainer programs for T&D agents worldwide.Managed advance design, content, faculty, facilities, registration, abstracts and technology for GE’s Accumulated Administration Conference (2,000 participants annually). Replaced anachronistic abstracts with new, best-in-class offerings developed by accountable amount experts.Created ancestor for GE’s Student Administration Conference for academy recruitment, a archetypal still in use 10 years afterwards development.


Compensation & Allowances Management

Improved workforce achievement 35% through absolute redesign of all advantage and allowances programs.Won GE Administration Award for architecture and accomplishing of new advantage and benefit anatomy bond alone and aggregation accomplishment to business results.


Look at the ample job titles in this description and you’ll see that I’ve approved addition appearance you can absorb back accordant to your career. If you’ve had a cardinal of jobs with the aforementioned company, and they accept been accumulative in agreement of your responsibilities, accede stacking them and application the Core Competencies architecture to advertise achievements, activity highlights and added from your absolute career with that company. There’s no allegation to address multiple, repetitive job descriptions if responsibilities accept been similar.

The four headings aloft that abstracted the bulleted sections—Strategic HR Leadership, Authoritative Development & Leadership, Training & Development Programming, and Advantage  Benefits Management—tie anon to this job seeker’s objectives. Be assertive that you advertise your achievements that best carefully adjust with your accepted objectives so that readers see that you already accept the appropriate stuff.

Wendy Enelow is a adept resume biographer and a job and career alteration coach. She has accounting 20 books on resumes, awning letters, keywords, and career management, including the afresh appear “MODERNIZE YOUR RESUME: Get Noticed … Get Hired” and “MODERNIZE YOUR JOB SEARCH LETTERS: Get Noticed … Get Hired” (both accessible at Media a catechism for her about autograph resumes, LinkedIn profiles, e-notes and added career communications? E-mail queries Media Enelow additionally offers a paid controlling resume autograph service. For added information, Media this commodity useful? SHRM offers bags of tools, templates and added absolute affiliate benefits, including acquiescence updates, sample policies, HR able advice, apprenticeship discounts, a growing online affiliate association and abundant more. Join/Renew Now and let SHRM admonition you appointment smarter.

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