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There was almost allowance to beacon a baggage trolley at Gatwick’s south terminal at credibility on Thursday. Passengers stood in continued queues at check-in desks and advice points, aggravating to authorize back – or if – they would be able to travel.

Others, already blue by account of continued delays, sat angled on floors and in arranged cafes, abounding with ample accoutrements of accoutrements that they had not been able to analysis in.

The analysis of drones over the aerodrome brief at the West Sussex airport had broke affairs for bags of Christmas holidaymakers. The aerodrome was bankrupt afterwards the drones were sighted at 9pm on Wednesday. On Thursday evening, the airport’s arch operating officer, Chris Woodroofe, said it was absurd to acquaint back flights would resume.

Gatwick airport: easyJet cancels all flights today as it’s cryptic back runways will reopen – liveRead more

Zak Morgan, 20, a computer science apprentice at UCL, had been cat-and-mouse back 8.45pm on Wednesday for what should accept been a 30-minute flight to Paris. He had fabricated it on board, alone to sit there for hours, afore actuality told to get off. The adventure was rescheduled via Barcelona, to abandon at 3pm. But that flight was additionally cancelled. Asked why he didn’t aloof go home, he said: “Every hour they accept been alteration the flight times, so instead of adage go home, they’ve been cogent us to stay.”

Arthur Serbejs, 22, and Domante Balciunate, 21, branch workers from Hastings, had been cat-and-mouse aloof as long. They were sitting on the attic by a adoration room, abutting their 19th hour of cat-and-mouse for a flight to Barcelona.

“We came about 6pm yesterday,” Serbejs said. “At 9pm bygone we were on the alike for four hours – they angry the lights off and everything, like it was activity to booty off.”

“But we were still sitting there,” Balciunate added. Serbejs said he fell comatose acquisitive to deathwatch up in Spain, “and I woke up and we hadn’t moved”.

“We don’t alike apprehend to go to Barcelona any more,” Balciunate said. “Maybe there’s addition bombinate up there, but we accept hope. There’s a adoration allowance over there, we were cerebration about going.” They had been offered a auberge during their wait, but beneath it because they alive so nearby.

Others were added or beneath stranded, and couldn’t go home alike if they had wanted. Renata Alinta, 50, was sitting on the attic cat-and-mouse with her three sons, age-old nine, eight and six, afterwards accession via a circuitous avenue from Northern Ireland. They were aiming for a flight to the Dominican Republic, area they achievement to absorb Christmas.

Their aboriginal flight from Belfast to Gatwick had been cancelled, but afterwards BA said the affiliation to the Caribbean was still acceptable to abandon she had paid for addition flight to Stansted, again taken a cab. The detour had amount her an added £430. Now her two adolescent boys were rolling about on the attic in frustration, while the eldest, who was adversity from a cold, dozed with his arch in her lap.

“We’ve been cat-and-mouse back 5am for advice and we don’t apperceive if it [the flight] is activity to be cancelled,” she said. “This is our aboriginal anniversary to the Caribbean and everybody is agitated … There are no places to sit, so we are aloof relaxing. We can’t alike get aliment because bodies are sitting bottomward in all the cafes.”

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By the aboriginal afternoon, Gatwick’s coffee shops were alpha to run out of food, yet remained abounding of dozens of weary travellers. Groups amassed about ability points, some bedlam and badinage in solidarity, others staring into aglow portals of escapism. Staff appeared swamped. Much of the ache in the south terminal was centred on a abreast 300-yard, boring affective chain for an advice desk.

Rebecca Dahl, 20, from Copenhagen, was about three-quarters of the way to the front, accepting been queuing for three hours. Her flight was accepted to abandon at 6am on Friday but she was atrocious to rebook her flight with Norwegian Air. “I’m acquisitive there’s addition one that’s beforehand because I accept no abode to break and I don’t accept any money,” she said. “Maybe they can angle me up with a auberge or something.”

Play Video1:29 Gatwick reopens afterwards added bombinate disruption – video report

Maria Vega, additionally 20, who was acquisitive to fly with Norwegian to Las Vegas to go home for Christmas, said she had been cat-and-mouse in the chain for about 70 account and had confused aloof 30 or 40 feet. Her flight had been delayed for eight hours. “Patience is a advantage – that’s what my mum tells me, but I anticipate I’m activity to able by hour five,” she said. “It’s aloof cat-and-mouse actuality again accepting to go on an 11-hour flight.”

By the afternoon crowds in the arctic terminal were alpha to attenuate afterwards easyJet annulled all its shorthaul flights. Rajiv Mandve, 40, and his wife and babe had been acquisitive to biking with the airline to Gibraltar but were sitting on the attic cat-and-mouse for a cab home to Slough.

“We waited in a chain for about three-and-a-half hours,” he said. “After that we went to addition board to get some added flight area we waited for about two-and-a-half hours – and there was alone one adult helping.” The anarchy had larboard them about £300 out of pocket. But biking allowance wouldn’t pay, Mandve said. Drones were not covered by the policy.

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